Decentralized P2P Orderbook Goes Multi-Chain with Launch on BNB Chain

Powered by decentralized Peer-to-Peer smart contract trading on BNB Chain, CoinBook allows anyone to trade without a middleman such as CEX or Swap DEX.

CoinBook has launched BNB Chain’s first decentralized multi-chain P2P orderbook exchange with a huge vision: to reignite the peer-to-peer movement in cryptocurrency. Traders are able to enjoy an authentic marketplace circumventing the downsides of Centralized and Swap Exchanges.

With CoinBook, you have full control of your assets and trading experience since it is party to party, not against a liquidity pool or automated market makers. This innovative exchange, powered by smart contract technology, enables traders to trade with zero slippage or price impact when trading BNB Chain tokens. You can control what you pay and purchase, along with lower fees.

CoinBook has Launched P2P Trading on BNB Chain

CoinBook has gone multi-chain with the addition of BNB to its exchange platform, which allows peer-to-peer trading of any BNB Chain token. The exchange platform enables traders to create token listings which are placed onto the orderbook for other users to purchase with their tokens. CoinBook can be accessed by using your crypto wallet’s dApp browser. 

CoinBook’s authentic marketplace for P2P trading allows users to keep full custody of their assets. With no liquidity pool or AMM, traders no longer need to fear slippage tolerance, front-running bots, or making a price impact on the market.

CoinBook has a well-thought-out roadmap of “level ups” that will add major value to its users, such as weekly additional EVM compatible chains, Peer-to-Peer Bridging from one chain to another, Decentralized on-board and off-board payment gateway, and $BOOK rewards.

$BOOK Token Airdrop Season 1

CoinBook is rewarding early adopters and supporters in multiple ways with $BOOK token airdrops. Users who’ve actively created transactions on BNB Chain over the last 365 days can claim free BookSacks filled with $BOOK tokens. BookSacks can be opened for $BOOK tokens when CoinBook launches its token.

There are thirty days to join the $BOOK airdrop, which started on March 6 and ends on April 6, 2023. This airdrop mechanism ensures that traders who actively use BNB Chain and CoinBook will be the ones who get the most tokens and control of the platform. 

CoinBook’s Airdrop site:

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Visit the airdrop claim page.
  2. Connect your BNB wallet.
  3. Eligible users will be able to claim free BookSacks based on the amount of BNB Chain transactions they’ve made over the last 365 days.
  4. Share a tweet about the airdrop and verify it to earn 1 free BookSack.
  5. Create and buy listings on CoinBook to earn even more BookSacks. The more listings you create or purchase, the more BookSacks you earn.
  6. BookSacks can be opened at the end of the airdrop campaign to reveal the $BOOK tokens that have been earned.

Connect with CoinBook:

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