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Voice AMA with AlphaFi recap

Voice AMA with AlphaFi AMA with AlphaFi Universe & Metaverse: They are developing a system that ties the metaverse and the universe together. Alphaverse: A marketplace where users can buy, sell, and exchange actual goods using NFTs and Cryptocurrencies. AlphaPay: A Secure cryptocurrency payment technology designed by AlphaFi. AlphaPay allows users to pay or to get paid[Read more…]

BNB Chain Weekly Recap Week 39 (22/9 – 28/9)

BNB Chain is moving forward daily, and we hope you guys do not miss any news in the last 7 days. Here is your BNB Chain Weekly recap. BNB Chain On-Chain Data Highlights BNB Chain Project Ranking Updates Wombat Exchange Partnership with BNB Chain Helio Protocol Airdrop Announcement to Early Adopter Binance Labs Leads $8.5[Read more…]

Duck vs. Bear: RichQuack Social Activity Battles General Crypto Downturn

The RichQuack community crushed it on social media in the past month, but the price of $QUACK wasn’t spared from the September blues. RichQuack Has the Most ‘Street Cred’ Hyper-deflationary BNB Chain memecoin RichQuack ($QUACK) spent most of the last month ranked as the number one meme token by social score, according to data from LunarCrush. Facing strong[Read more…]

Ecosystem Report for Cronos Chain: Mainnet Launch, Bubble Maps

Let’s look into the performance of Cronos Chain in the past two weeks, including development news and price action of the CRO coin. Cronos Activity, Price Action The last two weeks of September that closed out Q3 2022 were marked by a series of interesting developments within the Cronos Ecosystem. Here is a look at[Read more…]

Chainlink Weekly Roundup: SWIFT, SCALE and Coinbase Cloud

Chainlink is achieving huge milestones amid SmartCon 2022, including projects with SWIFT, Coinbase Cloud and several layer-one and layer-two blockchains. Chainlink in the Web3 Spotlight Chainlink’s yearly conference SmartCon kicked off in full force with industry-leading speakers and exciting integrations. The oracle network keeps expanding its reach, integrating new projects every week and finding support from some of Web2[Read more…]

Apple NFT Wars: Marketplaces Like Magic Eden Battle App Store NFT Tax

Magic Eden and other NFT Marketplaces say Apple’s commission and fiat currency rules are keeping NFT companies away from the App Store. NFT Tax, Fiat Transactions Apple’s announcement that it will allow NFT apps on the Apple App Store — clarifying what had been a gray area for some time now — should have been[Read more…]

SmartCon 2022: Bridging Traditional Finance and DeFi

Among the best discussions at SmartCon 2022 was a panel moderated by Chainlink Founder Serey Nasarov, featuring SWIFT, BNY Mellon and DTCC. SmartCon 2022 has delivered some interesting panel discussions. Among the best so far: Bridging Traditional Finance and DeFi. The panel moderated by Chainlink Founder Serey Nazarov featured some of the biggest players in traditional finance,[Read more…]

Pong Heroes Partners With Sydney Houston Group to Host GameFi Event

The Gamefiganza event was aimed at promoting awareness of Gamefi projects and to attract new players into the Web3 space. Gamifiganza: Play-To-Learn GameFi Campaign Newly launched BNB Chain game Pong Heroes hosted a Play-to-Learn event called “Gamifiganza” for GameFi projects and players within the Web3 ecosystem. The event was hosted in partnership with project advisor Sydney Houston[Read more…]

Tiny World Game Continues to Grow Since Being Named BNB Chain ‘Star’

Tiny World CMO Adam Bauldry discusses the game’s developments since being named a BNB Chain Star Project in July, including the launch of the SPIRIT NFT. Tiny World Builds on Initial BNB Chain Hype Tiny World, a PlaytoEarn blockchain metaverse game, made headlines when it was listed as a Star Project on BNB Chain in July. BSC News caught[Read more…]