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Unveiling the Exclusive Creo Engine x Memelordz X-Space AMA!

NFT & Web3 Gaming AMA Prepare for an immersive rendezvous with the visionaries shaping the future of NFT and Web3 gaming! Memelordz is excited to announce a groundbreaking Ask Me Anything (AMA) session in partnership with Creo Engine. Join us for an enlightening discussion as we explore the intricacies of game development, blockchain integration, and[Read more…]

In-Depth Analysis of the WHEXcosystem: A Comprehensive Look at the Project’s Innovative Approach to Whale Conservation

Understanding the WHEXcosystem DAO, WHEXy Whales NFTs, and Whale Exploder DeFi Token WHEXcosystem DAO ($WEED) The WHEXcosystem DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is the governance mechanism for the entire ecosystem. It is powered by the $WEED token and allows token holders to participate in decision-making processes via blockchain voting. Key Information about the $WEED Token: –[Read more…]

Introducing the WHEXcosystem: Combining Crypto, NFTs, and Whale Conservation

The hale Exploder Ecosystem (WHEXcosystem) – A Unique Initiative to Save Whales Through Cto and NFTs The Whale Exploder Ecosystem: A Brief Overview Welcome to the Whale Exploder Ecosystem (WHEXcosystem), a unique initiative that combines cryptocurrency, NFTs, and whale conservation efforts. Our mission is to save the whales one transaction at a time, envisioning a[Read more…]

Floki Continues Push for Global Adoption With New Listing on HitBTC

Floki’s listing frenzy continues with the latest listing on popular exchange platform, HitBTC. HitBTC Lists Floki  Floki continues to expose the brand to numerous users in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space. The MemeFi platform is now part of the HitBTC ecosystem.  HitBTC exchange now allows users to trade, deposit, and withdraw the Floki native $FLOKI currency. The popular[Read more…]

Floki, Baby Doge Crushing the Memecoin Competition in 2023

MemeFi projects Floki and Baby Doge have been flying this year, in terms of both utility and price action. Other memes, such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, have lagged $BTC and $ETH. Meme + DeFi = MemeFi Floki and Baby Doge have had a monster year so far in 2023, and the price of their[Read more…]

Baby Doge Passes $10M in Token Locks, Nears $60M in TVL

The Baby Doge Swap DEX continues to gain user adoption on BNB Chain. Baby Doge MemeFi Gaining Adoption The Baby Doge team is celebrating an important milestone, as the MemeFi protocol’s Token Locker recently surpassed $10 million in Total Value Locked (TVL). Overall, Baby Doge Swap commands nearly $60 million TVL, according to DefiLlama. That puts[Read more…]


SafeSwap is pleased to announce a series of positive updates, which have been shared in the SafeSwap News & Updates group. The DeFi CMS is nearing completion and is almost ready for a full launch. Several examples are currently in development, including: While there are still some issues in the core, the great news[Read more…]

Volt Inu Major Listing on Huobi

VOLT listing on Huobi will increase the token’s legitimacy and accessibility to a broader audience. VOLT New Listing Volt Inu has recently announced that its native token, VOLT, will get listed on Huobi, one of the leading crypto exchanges on the market.  According to the announcement posted on Volt Inu’s Twitter account, VOLT will get listed on Huobi on March 13,[Read more…]

BabyDoge Set to Launch Merch Store

BabyDoge looks set to launch a merchandise store after sharing a sneak peek with users on Twitter. BabyDoge Announces Merch Store  BabyDoge is continuously expanding its ecosystem with exciting innovations. From Non-Fungible Token (NFT) to Decentralized Exchange (DEX), and now an incoming merchandise store!  The legendary memecoin has evolved into a vibrant ecosystem, and the team is always looking[Read more…]

Shido Launches Next-Generation Cross-Chain DeFi Ecosystem and Crypto Card

Shido is an emerging crypto and blockchain technology platform. Recently, the company introduced its Ecosystem and various DeFi Utilities. Shido Launches Next-Generation Cross-Chain DeFi Ecosystem Stockholm, Sweden – Shido, the next-generation Cross-Chain DeFi Ecosystem, announces the launch of its innovative platform and suite of DeFi utilities. The ecosystem includes the Shido Chain, a Layer 1[Read more…]