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The Future is Now for MUXE, CcS And BSCN

In this post, I am taking the liberty to write about our own projects and why I believe that our future moving forward will look much more interesting than the past of our project. MUXE has been around since early 2018 trying to claim its spot among secondary prioritised cryptocurrencies (Tokenised based projects). Being involved[Read more…]

BSCN is expanding drastically and has taken over the network platform

BSCN is a rapidly growing news network that has an all-around focus on the BSC ecosystem and beyond. Keeping a sharp eye on the market, write with a critical sense about “promising projects” or “undeniable happenings” in the market is where we have a strong and solid involvement with a super sharp focus. The cryptocurrency[Read more…]

EVIMERIA changes its mind like a girl changes its clothes

Yes, again another post about the “somewhat, promising project” Evimeria. If you thought that after our last post all hopes for EVIMERIA was gone then you might like the fact that they have now decided to (again) look deeper into the possibility of relaunching EVIMERIA on the BSC chain. Personally, I have always been a[Read more…]

What New Tokenomics Say About New Private Investors

The Shift With increasing numbers of private investors entering the cryptosphere, the power dynamics of the blockchain sector may be shifting. Where once the guiding principle that drove blockchain and cryptocurrency forward was that of decentralization and ‘power to the people’, a number of blockchains have eschewed these ideals in favor of more centralized governance[Read more…]

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Teases Dogecoin Listing

In an exclusive earnings call on May 13th, Armstrong stirred the pot for investors in the novel token. Coinbase Prepares to List Dogecoin  On Thursday, the 13th of May 2021, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong openly declared the company’s plan to add the meme-like cryptocurrency in the next six to eight weeks.  He made his intentions[Read more…]

Justin Sun seeking Musk’s approval and Tron Network TRX tokens now on Binance Smart Chain?

As always the tron warriors are trying to be a part of the hype and potential. We can clearly see that Justin Sun has woken up out of the bearmarket sleep and is ready to act in on some bullish movements. Or atleast thats how rational translation to what we are seeing in the market[Read more…]

Facebook-Backed, Diem Association, Remains Persistent in US Stablecoin Launch Goals

Facebook’s ambitions for its Diem cryptocurrency have been scaled back once more, as the social media giant now intends to launch the stablecoin only in the US. Introduction The currency was initially intended to be a cryptocurrency backed by a basket of cryptocurrencies, but later became a US-pegged stablecoin named Diem launching from Switzerland. As[Read more…]

The new Aircoins website is BSC ready

With the launch of the BSC version of Aircoins a brand new website has now also been launched. The new website of Aircoins is an amazing improvement compared to the previous website. Every component of the website has a lot of attention to it and you can see that the Aircoins project is drastically maturing[Read more…]

The WISE #10BNB10MINUTES Trending Challenge

The $WISB launch is still going on FIVE HOURS AFTER the timer was supposed to end because people are still sending #BNB to the contract! #10BNB10MINUTES Binance Smart Chain is becoming a lot wiser WISB Presale LiveStream BSCN JaimyI am a dutch guy who is enthusiastic about the adoption growth of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. I’ve[Read more…]

Mirror Launches $mCOIN and $UST on PancakeSwap

Mirror Finance will be launching their $mCOIN and $UST assets on PancakeSwap. Let’s talk about this Binance Smart Chain (BSC) project news while it’s hot! Mirror Joining PancakeSwap Syrup Pool Coinbase has completed the listing of Mirror, a platform for synthetic assets. One of these synthetic assets is the mCOIN, a synthetic share of $COIN for[Read more…]