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BiSwap LP Pairs Land on TenFi Boosting Auto Compounding Yields

New BiSwap vaults with high APYs and auto-compounding features are now live on TenFi. New BiSwap and TenFi Partnership Kicks Off Top-tier decentralized exchange on Binance Smart Chain, BiSwap has partnered with TEN Finance to bring yield farmers enticing benefits.  The partnership provides auto-compounding vaults for BiSwap liquidity-provider (LP) tokens on TEN Finance. Users who stake BiSwap LP tokens on TenFi earn high APYs as[Read more…]

OpenSea Founder Comes Under Fire for Insider NFT Sales

OpenSea has officially confirmed that an executive has benefited from internal knowledge when purchasing NFTs. OpenSea Executive Lost at Sea OpenSea has been left red-faced after formed Head of Product, Nate Chastain, was found and confirmed to have purchased Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) ahead of spotlighting and selling shortly after for a profit.  The hugely popular NFT marketplace confirmed[Read more…]

How to Keep Your Funds Safe On Binance Smart Chain

The complete beginner’s guide to keeping your crypto safe on Binance Smart Chain. Power and Responsibility Cryptocurrency puts power in the hands of users. While centralized finance is bound to entities like banks, building protective structures within societies and card technology companies that police it––cryptocurrency cuts those ties. Most cryptocurrency users consider this freedom from[Read more…]

Buffer Finance – Gamified Options Trading and More

The protocol allows users to buy options against assets without the need of a counterparty. Introducing Buffer Finance Buffer Finance is a gamified options trading protocol operating on multiple blockchains. Buffer offers a unique peer-to-pool approach to options trading where they execute all their trades against Liquidity Pools (LPs). Users who add liquidity to these[Read more…]

Steven Cohen Metaverse Fund Leads $50 Million Fundraise for Collegiate Sports NFTs

NFT Platform RECUR, backed by the billionaire owner of the New York Mets, Stephen Cohen, closes its Serie-A funding with a valuation of $333 million. RECUR the New Player  RECUR has successfully raised $50 million in an effort to create Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) for collegiate sports in a Series-A funding round led by the billionaire owner[Read more…]

Splinterlands Season End Rewards Approach in Play to Earn NFT Game

The play-to-earn NFT game has optimized its gaming processes and rewards system to provide a more smooth experience for users. Splinterland Implements New Strategy  Play-to-Earn Non-fungible Token (NFT) game, Splinterlands has reviewed and optimized its season-end computations to handle the recent disruptions seen in its in-game processes caused by the increase in the number of active players.  The blockchain-based[Read more…]

Growth DeFi Integrates Chainlink Price Oracles On Binance Smart Chain

The integration will ensure accurate collateral pricing and liquidation assessment for users of Growth DeFi’s MOR protocol. Growth DeFi Adopts Chainlink’s Price Oracles Cross-chain leveraged yield ecosystem, Growth DeFi, has integrated Chainlink’s price oracles into its Binance Smart Chain (BSC) lending protocol, the MOR.  The integration will supply MOR protocol with highly reliable, secure and real-time price data feeds. Growth DeFi[Read more…]

BiShares BiGame Fund Goes Live Offering Users NFT GameFi and Play to Earn Exposure

The dETF project on Binance Smart Chain has added the Play-to-Earn NFT GameFi sector to its growing list of products. BiShares BiGame Fund Goes Live The BiShares BiGame Fund has launched. The new fund will allow users to invest in the GameFi ecosystem without managing any curated Play-to-Earn Non-fungible tokens (NFT) individually.   BiShares brings Decentralized Exchange Traded funds (dETF) on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and[Read more…]

Overlord.World – The First NFT-Integrated RPG on Mobile

Overlord is proudly the first mobile RPG game to successfully incorporate NFT. Players will be able to enjoy it with just a cell phone and an internet connection. Introduction With the growth of the NFT trend and its influence on the game business, a slew of NFT-integrated game projects sprang out, although the majority of[Read more…]

Monsta Infinite Takes Blockchain Gaming to the Next Level

Monsta Infinite is a decentralized gaming world in which anybody may earn tokens by playing the game competitively or recreationally. ‌ Introduction Abstract Based on observations from the gaming industry, the Monsta Infinite team has identified three major issues that may influence consumers’ gaming experiences: Pay-to-Win: The traditional MMORPG dilemma of veterans losing competitiveness to[Read more…]