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Binance NFT Marketplace to List NFTs Based On Ugandan Museum Artifacts

The Uganda National Museum will create Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to be put on display and auctioned on Binance’s marketplace in a partnership with Murcom. Instant History The Uganda National Museum will be creating digital representations in the form of NFTs to be displayed and auctioned on the Binance NFT Marketplace. In an announcement made on June 9,[Read more…]

Alpaca Finance Releases WaultSwap Leveraged Yield Farming Pools

The two platforms on Binance Smart Chain join forces to boost leveraged APYs insanely high! Leveraging the Yield On June 10th, Wault Finance tweeted the breaking news that there are now three new leveraged yield farming pools available on Alpaca Finance.  With the added leverage component that Alpaca Finance offers, the yields have exploded. Leverage yield farming in short allows investors to[Read more…]

Munch Token Lists on PancakeSwap, Looking to Become a Premiere Charity Token

The Charitable token $Munch announced the creation of a bridge to Binance Smart Chain and looks to build on a big initial launch Munch Smells Pancakes On June 9th, a new charitable token dropped onto Binance Smart Chain (BSC) DEX PancakeSwap with their own network bridge called MunchBridge. The new bridge has come amidst great excitement and developments[Read more…]

Influential Crypto Figures: Who is Vitalik Buterin?

Vitalik Buterin is at the forefront of decentralized finance, co-founding the Ethereum network. The ETH Co-Founder Vitalik Buterin is the co-founder of Ethereum and one of the world’s youngest crypto billionaires at age 27. He is a massive crypto influencer, due to his founding of the Ethereum blockchain, which is currently the second largest crypto currency[Read more…]

NFTs Infiltrate Wall St as Jonathan Rosen and Treum Gear up for Massive NFT Release

The Upcoming NFT project is advertising on Times Square. NFTs Hit Wall & Oxford Streets’ Artist Jonathan Rosen has struck a deal with Treum, the company which brought the NFT project EulerBeats to fruition, to release a set of four NFTs. These will first be exhibited on a 36-screen digital facade on Oxford Street in London and currently displayed on[Read more…]

JetFuel Announces FUEL Listing on BitMart Exchange

The listing gives the protocol access to a large user base and introduces FUEL to a new community. Jetfuel on BitMart On June 11th, the crypto exchange and trading platform BitMart will be listing Jetfuel Finance ($FUEL) on their digital asset platform. The trading pair FUEL/USDT will also be available. The deposit feature will occur at 6/10/2021[Read more…]

CrudeOil Finance Teases Their Upcoming Yield Optimizer Platform

CrudeOil Finance has developed a highly granular and in-depth yield farming tool which they are now gearing up to launch. Yield Optimization is Around the Corner! CrudeOil has recently revealed a host of new details about its next-generation yield aggregator and optimizer in what is a massive update for its community, and anyone interested in maximizing their farming[Read more…]

DODO Releases a “Dojo” Providing Users with Growing Educational Resources

Feature-rich Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and Proactive Market Maker (PMM), DODO, has released DOJO, a Github guide providing users with an increasing archive of educational resources. Users can now use these guides to understand some useful features when encountering them on the platform. DOJO – A Growing Education Resources for DODO Users These resource pages will[Read more…]

New type of Yield Farm LazyMint introduces its first ILO SpaceZOO

On Binance Smart Chain, LazyMint is a new form of Yield Farm with Automatic Liquidity Acquisition combined with Delegated Farming. Introduction On Binance Smart Chain, LazyMint is a new form of Yield Farm with Automatic Liquidity Acquisition combined with Delegated Farming, Harvest Lock, and Anti-Whale. To demonstrate their concern for the community, they run one[Read more…]

Matcha has Gone Live on Polygon (MATIC), Enabling Trading of 1000+ Tokens

The Matcha exchange has partnered with Polygon (MATIC). The partnership will allow users to trade over 1000 tokens on the Polygon network. 1000+ Tokens On June 9th, Matcha, a trading platform that allows users to trade on all DEXs at once, announced they have joined forces with the Polygon Network. Investors and users can now take advantage of Polygon’s[Read more…]