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Kevin O’Leary Gives Crypto His Approval

The famed business mogul spoke with crypto influencer Anthony Pompliano to share his recent thoughts on the growing sector. Pomp & O’Leary Kevin O’Leary, the famous billionaire known for his work on SharkTank (and once an avid critic of crypto), has now launched his own cryptocurrency investment fund. It seems another billionaire investor has found[Read more…]

A Look Into Beefy Finances’ Innovative Week, Dominating both Polygon and Binance Smart Chain

Beefy Finance shows off their impressive week, including partnerships and a huge innovative project that looks to transform the yield farming experience. A Busy Week for Beefy The other day, Beefy Finance posted on their twitter a recap of last week’s action on the platform. The yield optimizer protocol saw a tremendous amount of action. Beefy Finance[Read more…]

JulSwap Announces Compensation Package to Aid Flash Loan Losses

Following a flash loan exploit last week, the value of Just Liquidity ($JUL) and Just Liquidity Binance ($JULB) has crashed by ~80%. Introduction The price crash coincided in a bad week for flash loan exploits on BSC, as BurgerSwap also suffered an attack to the value of $7.2 million. JulSwap has now set out parogram of reparations[Read more…]

Circle, Creators of USDC Stablecoin, Secured 440M in The Largest Crypto Private Investment

The success of the fundraising effort helps detail the influx of traditional finance backing into the crypto landscape. A Successful Venture The firm responsible for the $22 billion stablecoin, USDC, completed $440 Million in private investment financing. Five of the nine largest Decentralized Finance (DeFi) investments in history have occurred so far in 2021. The funds for Circle[Read more…]

ApeSwap Calls For Binance Listing After Continued Success, Focusing On NFTs And User Safety

After a successful launch, the Binance Smart Chain exchange is asking Binance to list their product on their massive exchange. Introduction According to the latest ranking by Coinmarketcap at the time of writing, Binance is the world’s top-ranked crypto exchange. In terms of daily trade volume, liquidity, and number of unique visits, Binance leads other exchanges with[Read more…]

Belt Finance is the Latest Casualty to Flash Loan Exploit

Flash loan attacks are a tool to exploit multiple platforms on the Binance Smart Chain. The latest exploit on Belt Finance has left many questioning if the DeFi space is really safe. Attack on Belt Finance With recent exploits still on people’s minds, Belt Finance became the latest casualty of flash loan attacks on the Binance Smart[Read more…]

Post-Mortem Released after Venus Protocol’s String of Massive Liquidations

The popular lending platform on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has seen a tremendous dip after concerns of manipulation spooked investors. The Post-Mortem Venus Protocol (XVS), a popular lending platform on the Binance Smart Chain, suffered massive liquidations as a result of its volatile price swings on May 18, 2021. On May 31, 2021, post-mortem of[Read more…]

PancakeSwap Informs Protocols How to Combat Flash Loan Exploits

The platform introduced methods to protect their protocol from attack after announcing their inability to separate from flash loans entirely. Fear of the Flash Loan  Over the last couple of weeks, flash loan attacks have been occurring at a frequent pace. The flash loan attack against PancakeBunny resulted in a 97% correction in price following the attack. With more[Read more…]

Non-Fungible Token Platforms $BAKE and $DEGO Rally Upwards of 30% Amongst Continued Innovation

Two NFT platform tokens – BakerySwap ($BAKE) and Dego Finance $DEGO – have continued to thrive amidst sustained innovations. $BAKE and the BakerySwap Platform BakerySwap has handled the NFT space pretty well, being initially and still an AMM and Dex protocol. The platform has dutifully metamorphosed into the top NFT minting hub on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Its huge break is attributed[Read more…]

What Does Bidens 6 Trillion 2022 Spending Budget Mean for Crypto and Defi?

President Joe Biden released the 2022 fiscal budget plan, which amounts to the tune of $6 trillion, an amount set to increase to $8.2 trillion by the year 2031. Budget Breakdown President Biden released quite an ambitious budget plan which should take effect October 1 this year when/if the chamber of congress approves. The president wants[Read more…]