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Episode 86: A Conversation With Symbiosis Finance

Current Episode Latest BSC.NEWS Podcast Stream Source: BSC News BSC NEWSFounded in 2020, BSCNews is the leading media platform covering decentralized finance (DeFi) on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). We cover a wide range of blockchain news revolving mainly around the DeFi sector of the crypto markets. BSCNews aims to inform, educate and share information[Read more…]

DePocket AMA Recap hosts DePocket: #DePocket #BSCdaily #BSC BSCDaily Admin: Welcome everyone to our AMA. Today we welcome the Team from Depocket Nabi and Himitsuko. Good day you guys! How are you? Nabi: Yeah, we’re all good, really honored to be here and create a good AMA with you guys. BSCDaily Admin: And how about you Himitsuko? Himitsuko: Hi, I’m good. Ready to answer[Read more…]

Monster Battle AMA Recap hosts Monster Battle: #MonsterBattle #Monster #CardGames #BSCDaily #BSC Felix J: Depending on which time zone you are in, good morning afternoon evening everyone!!! BSCDaily Admin: Oh hey welcome Felix to our humble bsc_daily community Thank you for the instantly warm welcome! How are you doing? Felix J: Yeah just brewed myself a cup of coffee coz it’s late at night[Read more…]

iFighter Infinity AMA Recap hosts iFighter Infinity: #iFighterInfinity #iFighter #Infinity #BSCDaily #BSC BSCDaily Admin: Hello and welcome Mark from iFighter Infinity to the bsc_daily community. How are you doing? Mark: Hello BSCdaily community! Great to be here. BSCDaily Admin: It’s great to have you today, are you ready to talk about iFighter Infinity? Mark: Yes, let’s go Q1: Can you give a brief introduction about[Read more…]

Canadian Authorities Clap Back Against Binance in Ontario

Initial encouragement seems to have disappeared as the Ontario Securities Commission bares its teeth. ‍ Binance Faces Regulatory Opposition After this week’s headline regarding regulatory approval in Canada, Binance will be dismayed at the latest opposition to surface from Ontario.  Binance had announced that they had received a financing license in Canada in encouraging news[Read more…]

PancakeSwap Passes Latest Farm Rewards Adjustment

A new proposal from PancakeSwap has passed by an overwhelming majority and will see rewards from underperforming farms redistributed. ‍ PancakeSwap Seeks Impovement The PancakeSwap community has voted in numbers to pass a proposal that will adjust the way in which CAKE rewards are distributed. In total 1,582,004.67 votes were cast in favor of the[Read more…]

Kalmar Sets Roadmap for 2022 After Christmas NFT Sale

With developments just around the corner, will 2022 be a year of even further innovation for Kalmar? ‍ Kalmar Maps Out Immediate Future The project has set down a series of development objectives it hopes to carry out within the first few months of the new year.  There is an understanding by the project that[Read more…]

CryptoBlades Announces Partnership with NFTrade

The collaboration will enable NFT trading across platforms and games on the NFT Trade verified store pages. ‍ Utility of Verified GameFi NFTs Rises CryptoBlades has entered a new partnership with NFTrade in a bid to offer unlimited NFT trading opportunities. The game made the announcement via Twitter on December 29 along with a brief[Read more…]

Injective Labs Updates Mainnet for Protocol Overhaul

Passage of the IIP-93 will enact influential changes that should change the overall experience within Injective. ‍ Injective Upgrades Mainnet The community at Injective Labs has passed Injective Improvement Proposal #93 (IIP-93), enacting sweeping changes to the protocol that will upgrade the mainnet and see an overall improved user experience. Responding to several inefficiencies and[Read more…]

Crypto Day Trader Gives Several Reasons to Watch Alpaca Finance

strategies in the platform’s updated roadmap could position the ALPACA token for growth. Absolute Alpaca Confidence A Crypto Day Trader has made a case for crypto investors to take a closer look at the prospects of Alpaca Finance. The trader, known on Twitter as  0x8day0trader, thinks that Alpaca Finance’s ecosystem token, the $ALPACA, is nowhere near[Read more…]