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Sushi DAO Faces SEC Probe: Jared Grey Proposes Legal Defense Fund 

The funds will be sourced from Kanpai fees, Grants, and Sushi to cover legal costs for inquiries, litigation, and other issues related to core contributors. ‍Sushi Head Proposes a $3M Legal Defense Fund Sushi DAO and its ‘Head Chef,’ Jared Grey, have been recently served with an SEC Subpoena, according to a disclosure on March 21. The Sushi[Read more…]

Top 8 Penny Cryptos for Gains 2023

Riding the Crypto Wave: Explore these top 8 penny cryptocurrencies for lucrative gains in 2023. With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, investors are constantly searching for the next big thing that could bring significant returns on their investments. While some investors prefer to invest in established large-cap cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, others are drawn[Read more…]

Celer Unveils Brevis: ‘A ZK Ominchain Data Attestation Platform’

Celer’s new ZK platform Brevis enables any dApp to access data on any blockchain, and has a wide variety of potential applications. Brevis ZK Solution by Celer Celer Network has built Brevis, a “Zero-Knowledge (ZK) omnichain data attestation platform” that enables smart contracts to access and compute data from any blockchain. “Brevis has a wide[Read more…]

Perpy Finance Reaches Milestone with $5 Million Public Sale of $PRY 

Perpy Finance has hit $5 million in its public sale of $PRY tokens. 25% of the total supply was up for grabs with a hard cap of $1250 per whitelisted community member. A Major Accomplishment for Perpy Finance Perpy Finance has reached $5 million in the public sale of its token $PRY that began on[Read more…]

GMX Proposes Deployment on Coinbase Base: A Game-Changer for Derivatives Trading?

The proposal notes that the Base network’s strong integration into Coinbase’s ecosystem could help attract capital and facilitate the use of GMX’s leverage trading platform. Benefits for GMX GMX, a popular derivatives trading platform, has submitted a proposal to deploy on Base, a layer 2 network from crypto exchange Coinbase.  According to the proposal, GMX liquidity provider[Read more…]

IceCreamSwap LaunchPad Goes Live, Native Token $ICE on Sale

The new LaunchPad will enable users to have access to the latest promising projects on Core Chain. IceCreamSwap Launchpad Multichain DeFi ecosystem IceCreamSwap is excited to introduce its new LaunchPad, giving users access to the latest and most promising cryptocurrency projects on the Core Chain. The launch of IcePad has been followed by the Sale[Read more…]

Gaming Giant Nexon to Build Polygon Supernet for Web3 Evolution of MapleStory

Game publisher Nexon will use Polygon to evolve MapleStory Universe from a Web2 platform to Web3. Nexon Embraces Polygon for MapleStory Nexon announced it will build a dedicated Polygon Supernet to underpin the blockchain ecosystem of its MapleStory Universe. This is a huge move from a Web2 game publisher into Web3: Nexon’s annual revenues surpassed $2.6[Read more…]

Arbinu Meme Coin Skyrockets 400% in Five Days Amid $ARB Airdrop Frenzy

Arbinu meme coin’s value surged by over 400% in 5 days after the announcement of the $ARB airdrop. The recent staking launch and token burn may have also affected the rally. The New Memecoin is Here The Arbinu meme coin on Arbiturm spiked more than 400% in five days after the Arbitrum foundation announced airdrop of $ARB.  With the[Read more…]

Binance Set to List ARB on March 23: Everything You Need to Know

Binance, Poloniex, Huobi, and MEXC are set to list Arbitrum ($ARB) for trading on March 23. Further, $ARB will also be added as a new borrowable asset on Binance’s Isolated Margin on March 25. Mark Your Calendars: March 23 Binance announced it would list Arbitrum ($ARB) and open trading for ARB/BTC and ARB/USDT on March[Read more…]

Arbitrum’s $ARB Price Prediction: From Airdrop to Moonshot

The comparison with Optimism’s $OP token suggests a possible price of $0.642 for $ARB, and the project’s fully diluted valuation indicates a possible price of $1.22. A Comparision With Optimism Arbitrum Foundation announced on March 16 that it would launch DAO governance along with its native token, $ARB. Arbitrum’s DAO governance is self-executing, i.e., the DAO’s votes[Read more…]