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Binance Pool Establishes New Partnership with UltimusPool

The partnership will provide added incentives to energy conscious miners who use renewable sources. Crypto ‘Pool’ Party Binance Pool, the cryptocurrency mining platform of global exchange Binance, has partnered with UltimusPool to provide enhanced user features and better rewards.  Announced via the Binance Blog on June 29, Binance Pool will see UltimusPool operate as a technical services provider. UltimusPool[Read more…]

Does Much-Anticipated Ethereum Merge Really Solve Underlying Issues?

The Merge may have far-reaching effects on the Ethereum ecosystem, combining Ethereum’s execution layer (Mainnet) and Proof-of-Stake consensus layer (Beacon Chain). Implications of the Merge The Ethereum Merge is generating a lot of buzz. However, despite the excitement around the big update, the Merge won’t immediately fix the chain’s most pressing usability issues by itself.[Read more…]

ApeSwap’s Big Bet on DeFi with Ambitious DEX Upgrade

The market is experiencing a severe downturn, especially in the DeFi sector. Despite this challenge, ApeSwap continues to pursue the massive potential of DeFi through this year’s most important DEX upgrade. Taking DeFi to the Next Level ApeSwap announced the first phase of an epochal DEX upgrade in order to make the protocol more sustainable in the[Read more…]

An Insider’s Perspective on How Solend Avoided a Multimillion-Dollar Liquidation

One of Solana’s biggest decentralized lenders, Solend, evaded a margin call of $107 million last week. The Defi community has stepped in to prevent what may have resulted in Solana’s decline in price. Seeking the Whale While traditional finance looks at Decentralized Finance (DeFi) with some skepticism, its open nature just avoided a multimillion-dollar liquidation. Solend, Solana’s[Read more…]

Good Game Society Promotes Philippine Crypto Scene with MEET-A-VERSE 2.0

Various local and international startups promoted their projects and networked throughout the night. Local Crypto Scenes Good Game Society, a crypto gaming social club in the Philippines, hosted an event to connect the local crypto scene in the country.  After organizing a successful first real life meetup with Filipino NFT game Anito Legends, Good Game Society hosted[Read more…]

Horror Ape Club Prepares Another Massive Giveaway Series

Horror Ape Club partners with 33 other NFT projects to host virtual duck races with NFT prizes. Horror Ape Club “Duck Race” Giveaway Horror Ape Club will host a series of virtual “duck races” where its members can win over 60 NFTs.  Scheduled for July 6 at 18:00 UTC,  the duck race event will take place ahead[Read more…]

Anito Legends Steps Closer to Launch

The team is set to release the PvP feature as it inches closer to early access in August. Culmination of Hard Work Filipino PlayAndEarn blockchain game on the BNB Chain, Anito Legends, is well on its way to an early access launch soon. The team revealed they are in the latter stages of their smart contract audits through a Tweet on[Read more…]

Xend Hits Milestone Upon Launch Into Two New African Nations

The global acceptance of Xend Finance grows as it crosses 100k users. In addition, the Xend Finance app is made accessible to people in Kenya and Ghana who want to convert their local currency into stable cryptocurrency and save. A Milestone for Xend Global crypto bank specializing in underserved regions, Xend Finance, celebrates the milestone[Read more…]

Sunflower Land Farmers Now Supply Baked Goods

Farmers can now supply ingredients to bake cakes and earn more $SFL on their farm. Baked Goods Supplier Farmers at Sunflower Land, the PlayAndEarn blockchain game on Polygon, can now do more than just grow and sell their products as the protocol introduced the Great Sunflower Bake Off event. The team first introduced special event in a Tweet on June 27. It[Read more…]

Weekly Analysis of Binance Ecosystem (24 – 29 June)

Binance brought some significant ecosystem updates in the last five days including a trading landing page, auto staking feature, and more. Ecosystem Updates  Amidst increasing layoffs by cryptocurrency exchanges and the general bearishness of the cryptocurrency market, Binance continues to push forward.  Here is a look at some of the updates within the leading exchange[Read more…]