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OMNI Network (OMNI) Debuts on Binance Launchpool

OMNI Network (OMNI) Debuts on Binance Launchpool

Key Points Binance has just announced Omni Network (OMNI) as its 52 Binance Launchpool project. In an official announcement, Binance revealed its 52 project on Binance Launchpool, Omni Network (OMNI). This is a layer 1 blockchain designed to integrate Ethereum’s rollup ecosystem into one single, unified system. Binance notes that the project’s webpage is estimated[Read more…]

Binance and Coinbase Dominate with an 11% Share of the Cryptocurrency Market’s Total Value

The Dominance of Binance and Coinbase In a display of their sheer dominance in the cryptocurrency industry, Binance and Coinbase collectively control a staggering 11.85% of the digital currency market’s total worth, estimated at $1.68 trillion. These two giants of the crypto exchange realm are reinforcing their significant market influence by managing substantial reserves of[Read more…]

Core DAO Delivers Positive Update About Core Bridge Powered by Layer Zero Labs

Core DAO updates users on the Core bridge performance after one week in the DeFi space. The numbers are positive, indicating a significant breakthrough for the protocol’s development in the industry. Successful Cross-chain Integration and Diversification  Core DAO’s Core bridge, in partnership with LayerZero, was a phenomenal innovation for builders and the entire community. Since the[Read more…]

Jim Cramer vs. CZ: ‘Mad Money’ Host Says Binance ‘Way Too Sketchy’

CZ replied with a “praying hands” emoji to Jim Cramer’s FUD about Binance. CZ Responds to Cramer’s FUD Critics of Jim Cramer might identify this as the signal of the top of FUD against Binance. The “Mad Money” host tweeted that the world’s largest Centralized Exchange is “Just way too sketchy” to do business with.[Read more…]

Nuon Launches World’s First Flatcoin on Arbitrum, Promising Inflation-Proof Hedge

Nuon’s flatcoin maintains its peg through a triple redundancy mechanism, which incentivizes users to mint or burn NUON based on the liquidation ratio. NUON: A Hedge Against Inflation Creator of ‘World’s first Flatcoin,’ Nuon, is officially live on Arbitrum, allowing users to mint and buy NUON. Flatcoins function similarly to stablecoins, but instead of being[Read more…]

Metaverse Social Hub “Dream Idols” Concludes First Concert; Crowns Trainee “Carmen” as Winner

Dream Idol’s C-stage concert saw trainee Carmen crowned the winner by Dream Idols’ fans. Dream Idols’ long-awaited C-Stage concert premiered on March 24th on both VR and Web2 streaming platforms to the delight of hundreds of fans. The concert featured the official debut of VR idol, “Andal” and the team’s first single, “Ruby Crown”.However, it[Read more…]

Floki Continues Push for Global Adoption With New Listing on HitBTC

Floki’s listing frenzy continues with the latest listing on popular exchange platform, HitBTC. HitBTC Lists Floki  Floki continues to expose the brand to numerous users in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space. The MemeFi platform is now part of the HitBTC ecosystem.  HitBTC exchange now allows users to trade, deposit, and withdraw the Floki native $FLOKI currency. The popular[Read more…]

Betero Sports Platform to Launch on April 1st!

Running on a hybrid-decentralized model, Betero is providing a unique user-focused platform for crypto enthusiasts and sports bettors. Betero Sports Platform will launch on April 1st its people-oriented betting platform. The platform addresses all sports betting and crypto enthusiasts and changes how users interact with the sportsbook. Through their rich-feature app, Betero allows users easy[Read more…]