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Binance vs. SEC: CZ Adds More Heat to the Controversy!

Key Points While Judge Faruqui attempted to ease tensions in the SEC vs. Binance case, Changpeng Zhao made a statement that could significantly impact the situation. On September 19, CZ retweeted information shared by Altcoin Alerts: “SEC asked U.S court to approve an inspection into Binance US. The SEC believes Ceffu, rebranded earlier from Binance[Read more…]

BNB Sees Significant Drop, Approaching Critical $210 Support Threshold

Key Points: The crypto market experienced a notable decline in momentum on Thursday, September 21, following the U.S. Federal Open Market Committee meeting. This dip is a direct response to investors grappling with the Federal Reserve’s latest decision on rate-hike plans. Among the altcoins affected, BNB experienced sharp declines, endangering its nearest support level. Crypto[Read more…]

Binance CEO Refutes Claims of Borrowing $250M from BAM Management, Asserts the Reverse Narrative

The Dispute and Report The dispute arose following a report by crypto media outlet Decrypt, which analyzed court documents related to the lawsuit. In the report, the media claimed that Binance.US‘ legal team wrote in the documents that BAM Management US Holdings issued a $250 million convertible note to Zhao in December. The article has[Read more…]

Binance’s Role in September Bitcoin Spot Volume Decline Highlighted by K33

Bitcoin Spot Volume Continues to Decline Over the past seven days, bitcoin spot volumes experienced an additional 8% decrease, reaching a 35-month low. This decline was primarily driven by reduced activity on Binance, while other spot exchanges maintained relatively stable trading volumes. K33 Research’s Senior Analyst, Vetle Lunde, and Vice President, Anders Helseth, highlighted these[Read more…]

Potential September Surges: BNB, Uniswap, and Kangamoon

Crypto Projects Enhancing Value Crypto projects always enhance their networks to provide value to token holders. There’s been much focus on expanding the use cases and improving the network for Binance Coin (BNB). Uniswap (UNI) has been trending upwards and may see prices surge above the $4.5 resistance level. Analysts are optimistic about Kangamoon (KANG)[Read more…]

Will BNB’s Recent Price Stability Continue Until October?

Binance Coin (BNB) finds itself in a state of limbo as it extends its sideways pattern on the lower timeframes. BNB has been treading water for nearly a month, caught in a tight range between the support at $205 and a stubborn resistance zone spanning $220 to $225. While on-chain metrics hint at the potential[Read more…]

Analyzing BNB Price Trends: Anticipating a Surge Beyond $250

Maintaining a downward trend for the past few months, the BNB price failed to rise above $350 in 2023. Leading to a sharp reversal to $200, the downtrend creates a falling wedge pattern in the one-day chart. The BNB price is $216.60 with an intraday fall of 0.32%. Moreover, the bears seem to be in[Read more…]

Unlocking Your opBNB Genesis NFT: A Step-by-Step Guide to Claiming It

Pre-Requisites to Claim opBNB Genesis NFTs You’ll need to have completed a list of tasks. These tasks are from opBNB’s “The Odyssey From Testnet to Mainnet” Campaign. Sad to say, this campaign has come to an end as of the time of writing this article. Its validity period was from August 10th 2023 to September[Read more…]

Binance Charity and CZ Address Concerns Regarding $3 Million Crypto Donation for Morocco Earthquake Relief

Binance Charity’s Response However, CZ Binance, the CEO of Binance, took to Twitter to explain Binance Charity’s approach to this controversy. CZ addressed some of the criticisms against Binance’s donation and responded to each of them. He stated, “People need food and water, not crypto. We agree with that. Binance has a history of providing[Read more…]

Binance.US Witnesses a Sharp Decline in Trading Volume Since March

Binance.US Trading Volume Decline Binance.US‘ weekly trade volume has witnessed a significant decline, plummeting from an annual high of nearly $5 billion to a mere $40 million. This alarming drop was reported by crypto data firm Kaiko on September 18. This decline in trading volume can be attributed to multiple factors, including: These recent challenges[Read more…]