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Delirium Public Pre Sale will launch today at 15:00 utc approx

If you’re looking for a secure and trustworthy yield farm in the Polygon Network with high APYs and a dedicated Dream Guardian Team committed to the development, you’ve come to the perfect spot. Sandman Farm now provides an excellent chance for investment. The Sandman farming platform’s planned for the first few days and a short-term[Read more…]

3 Reasons Why CryptoBlades $SKILL Token Corrected 70%+ Over 7 Days

CryptoBlades $SKILL token has experienced a price correction after an impressive period of growth. Here’s why. Truly Volatile The non-fungible token (NFT) gaming project CryptoBlades has enjoyed an eventful July, with its native $SKILL token rocketing in price before retracing significantly. SKILL is currently priced at $46.69, down 74% from an all-time high of $184.46 on July 24th.  The 7-day figures[Read more…]

Learn How to Win a Share of $18,000 + NFTs Through Learn and Earn

Binance Smart Chain is offering users another opportunity to get smarter on their dime. Opportunities to Learn and Earn Binance Smart Chain is helping its users to grow their knowledge in Learn and Earn round 2. The competition is a continuation of the previous Learn and Earn scheme, with prizes offered to users for learning about[Read more…]

Technical Analysis 101 | Candlestick Chart Basics

Candlesticks provide visual depiction of price fluctuations that condense all of the information a trader needs into a single bar. They are commonly used because of the ability to display a lot of information in a straightforward manner, which makes it easy for traders to identify patterns that might assist them in making decisions. In[Read more…]

BSC Tutorial: Trading on 1inch Using the Binance Smart Chain Network

1inch is the leading DEX aggregator on the BSC and Ethereum networks. This aggregator boasts the highest number of transactions because of its unique pathfinder algorithm and its CHI token system. Introduction In the past year, loads of users have entered the DeFi space. Recently, the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has experienced parabolic growth adding[Read more…]

Trading Toolkits: Volume-Weighted Average Price (VWAP)

Understanding how these averages work will benefit traders who are trying to extrapolate token prices. Introduction Trading indicators are the lifeblood of technical analysis. Traders use these simple and sophisticated tools to determine their entry or exit, the market conditions, or the current trends. The VWAP tool indicates the amount of liquidity available at a[Read more…]

Trading Toolkits: Overview of Candlestick Charts

Understanding these charts is key to becoming the most well-rounded, successful trader that you can be. Introduction Understanding price actions starts with the understanding of entry-level Candlestick charts. A Candlestick chart forms the basis of technical analysis. Upon this knowledge, we can bring out important concepts like Support and Resistance, market trends, and price actions[Read more…]

Trading Toolkits: Beginners Guide to Day Trading in Crypto

Due to the highly volatile nature of trading, understanding its mechanisms is key to being successful in daily market interactions. Introduction Day trading offers individual traders the unique opportunity to earn based on market trends and quick decisions. This method of trading can offer excellent profit, but it can also be a means to financial[Read more…]

Trading Toolkits: Asset Allocation And Diversification

In order to maximize returns, investors have a lot of variables that they need to take into account. How they distribute their assets can be the key to their success. Introduction A common saying in investment circles is, “do not put all your eggs in one basket”. That statement is fundamental to the success of[Read more…]

How to Earn High Yield on BSC Through Stablecoin Farming

There are a handful of projects that can help boost stablecoin yield portfolios, each focusing on their own attributes. Introduction Stablecoins are becoming a big business. The stablecoin market has grown from $5 billion at the start of 2020, to $28.9 billion at the beginning of 2021, to over $92 billion at time of press.[Read more…]