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NFTb Token Mooning in Advance of the Jan. 31 ‘Great Burn’

Holders who bought the bottom of NFTb on Jan. 5 have seen the value of their investment multiply more than six times. The “Great Burn” takes place Jan. 31. Token Soars +500% since Jan. 5 It’s safe to say that the NFTb community is reacting positively to the “Great Burn” set for Jan. 31. Since[Read more…]

ICP Begins Revolution With Attention and Buyers

The Internet Computer has had a great January – Can it build this into a powerful year? ICP Builds Following, Price Rises The fastest blockchain in the world is getting attention from some unlikely places after the native ICP token of the Internet Computer has risen over 50% since the New Year. The first place[Read more…]

FUD Who? $16 Billion Flows Back into Binance in January

Binance continues to pump the numbers, adding more in the last month than nearly all its competitors combined. Binance Grows $16B in January Is Binance finally back to Pre-FTX levels of assets? It sure looks like it after $16 Billion has flowed back into the exchange in the past month. With over $67 billion in[Read more…]

Pioneers React to Amazon Pi Domain

After numerous research, Pioneers discovered that Amazon Technologies created the domain. Amazon Interested in Pi Network? Pioneers across the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space seek a response from Amazon after recently discovering an domain. There is a growing belief that the internet-based enterprise is interested in Pi Network. During a Twitter space hosted by Pi News on January[Read more…]

Arbitrum’s GOBLIN Nabs Top Trending Token Spot on Dex Tools

New OHM Fork for ETH’s Layer-2 is attracting attention with its massive yields. GOBLIN Token Rises After Launch Arbitrum has a new OHM fork that is rising through the rankings. Goblin, which went live on January 26, marked the top Trending Token on Dex Tools on January 28. The attraction to Goblin comes from the success of[Read more…]

Weekly Article Recap: 1/23-1/27

A recap of notable news from the week. Recapping the Week in DeFi Cryptocurrency never sleeps, and neither does crypto news and content. Because of this constant stream of information, it’s difficult for investors to keep track of the most notable news. In this weekly recap, BSC News shares some of the most exciting stories[Read more…]

Everstake Joins Core DAO Ecosystem as Validator

Everstake will become a validator on Core mainnet and contribute to the protocol’s secure and decentralized ecosystem. Everstake Becomes Core DAO Validator Everstake is now a validator on the Core DAO mainnet. The trusted validator across numerous blockchains will run secure and reliable nodes for the Satoshi Plus consensus. Everstake is a team of experienced developers, financial experts,[Read more…]

Injective Announces $150M Ecosystem Venture Group to Accelerate Adoption

The new group will be a consortium that will combine the forces of connected insititutions to increase the interoperability of layer-1 chains. Injective Leads Ecosystem Group Injective has announced the launch of an ecosystem venture group created to build financial applications that received $150 million in backing from groups like Pantera Capital, Jump Crypto, and Kucoin[Read more…]

Solana VM Developers Making Progress on Move Language Integration

Solana devs are working on integrating the Move programming language into its library of compatible codes. Could it help Solana capture some of Aptos’ mojo? Move Language Powers Aptos, Sui, (formerly) Diem The hottest coin in crypto right now is arguably Aptos, whose claim to fame is being the first Layer-1 blockchain based on Facebook’s Move[Read more…]

Binance Research: 2023 Is Looking Up Despite Q4 Market Cap Decrease

The Binance Research team outlines downtrends across several verticles but sees a small boost to begin 2023. Binance Research Quarter 4 Report A team at Binance Research released its State of Crypto: Market Pulse report for Quarter 4 of 2022. Consisting mostly of graphs and data, the report highlighted how the year ended with a[Read more…]