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Voice AMA with HistoryDAO recap

Voice AMA with HistoryDAO AMA with HistoryDAO HistoryDAO claims to be the World’s first NFT platform dedicated to minting great moments in history. Generally, it’s a paradigm of future media, true freedom of journalism, a community-owned and governed DAO with a marketplace that allows for effective discovery, valuation, development, trading, and management of NFTs, as well as[Read more…]

Voice AMA with MonkeyLeague recap_2

Voice AMA with MonkeyLeague AMA with MonkeyLeague MonkeyLeague is a strategy-based web3 esports game that’s easy to learn, yet hard to master. Users build a team of monkey NFTs and compete against real players, climb the leagues and earn $MBS (MonkeyBucks). Recently, MonkeyLeague just announced their huge strategic partnership with the reigning football champion AC Milan. In[Read more…]

Voice AMA with AlphaFi recap

Voice AMA with AlphaFi AMA with AlphaFi Universe & Metaverse: They are developing a system that ties the metaverse and the universe together. Alphaverse: A marketplace where users can buy, sell, and exchange actual goods using NFTs and Cryptocurrencies. AlphaPay: A Secure cryptocurrency payment technology designed by AlphaFi. AlphaPay allows users to pay or to get paid[Read more…]

Voice AMA with WARP Game recap

Voice AMA with WARP Game AMA with WARP Game WARP combines the best elements of blockchain and gaming into a single, all-encompassing package, including GameFi, NFTs, DeFi, multichain integration, and passive income generation, all wrapped in a sci-fi multiverse. Battle or race your NFT starships against players from every connected blockchain, go on expeditions for prizes, and[Read more…]

Voice AMA with Prime Chain recap

Voice AMA with Prime Chain AMA with Prime Chain Prime Chain is a fast, decentralized blockchain system empowering the decentralized financial, NFT and metaverse. Securely connects most mainstream blockchain while offering ultra-fast and low-cost transactions. Prime Chain relies on a system of PoA consensus that can support short block time and lower fees. The most bonded validator[Read more…]

Voice AMA with GemDAO recap

Voice AMA with GemDAO AMA with GemDAO GemDAO is a groundbreaking support protocol built on Binance Smart Chain, operating as Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), targeting everyone who loves meme projects on launchpads such as Pinksale, Gempad, Unicrypt… GemDAO is developed with the team’s desire to build an ecosystem to help the GemDAO’s community easily evaluate, access, and invest[Read more…]

Voice AMA with Aequinox recap

Voice AMA with Aequinox AMA with Aequinox Aequinox Dex is a community-driven decentralized exchange that supports multi-token and weighted pools, automated portfolio management, liquidity deepening and oracle data price sensing on the Binance Smart Chain. It allows for the creation of bespoke crypto indexes of up to 8 tokens, while optimizing yield farming and liquidity mining potential[Read more…]

Voice AMA with InsuranceFi recap

Voice AMA with InsuranceFi AMA with InsuranceFi InsuranceFi provides users with a decentralized sustainable staking platform with financial instruments to protect their investments through the use of InsuranceFi Protocol (IFP for short). IFP is the first financial protocol that protects investors’ interests while still making maximum effective returns of 1200% APR. #NFA Guest: Mr. Alex InsuranceFi’s Links:[Read more…]

Livestream AMA with Project Babel recap

Livestream AMA with Project Babel is thrilled to host a Livestream Ask Me Anything with Project Babel Project Babel is a decentralized, non-profit, autonomous organization powered by blockchain as the underlying technology that will scan, map, define, interact, and transform a series of real-world virtual NFTs issued by Project Babel and capture the real value from[Read more…]

Voice AMA with OriginX recap

Voice AMA with OriginX AMA with OriginX OriginX has a grand worldview and a gripping storyline. Players can participate in character creation themselves (character assembly DIY). To add more playability, OriginX creates 3 different types of PVE gameplay, including story mode, Eternal Challenge and Isolation Belt Exploration so players could finish different missions to win rich prizes.[Read more…]