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MDEX AMA Recap hosts AMA with MDEX. #MDEX #BSCDaily #BSC #AMA Cryptodaily Admin: Hello to you Kiko! Welcome to the community! How are you today? Kiko: I am good and you? Cryptodaily Admin: Yes I’m feeling quite well! Thanks for asking. Really excited for this AMA with you Kiko! So, shall we start right away? Kiko: Yes, let’s go Cryptodaily Admin: Fantastic  Q1: Please introduce[Read more…]

ElementX AMA Recap hosts AMA with ElementX. #ElementX #BSC #BSCDaily #AMA Cryptodaily Admin: Hello everyone I hope you’re all having a productive day! I have here with me Mr.Alex from the ElementX project. Welcome Alex. How are you today? Alex V: Hello! I’m having a great day and really happy to join the BSC Daily community! Cryptodaily Admin: Great to hear! Hope you stay[Read more…]

The Killbox Game AMA Recap hosts AMA with The Killbox Game. #Thekillboxgame #BSC #BSCDaily #AMA Cryptodaily Admin: Hello Mr. Don Zhu! Welcome to the community Are you having a good day today? Don Zhu: I assume yes. Good day my fellows Cryptodaily Admin: Well I hope after this AMA, we can turn that “assume” into “definitely”! Don Zhu: definitely Cryptodaily Admin: I’m excited for this AMA, TheKillBoxGame[Read more…]

Froyo Games AMA Recap hosts AMA with Froyo Games: A multi-chain GameFi infrastructure that gives a rise to the transformation of gaming and esports ecosystem into the Metaverse on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. #FroyoGames #BSCDaily #BSC #AMA BSCDaily Admin: Good day everyone! Hope you’re having a fantastic time. Today I have Pochi from the Froyo Games project. We will talk about[Read more…]

MarksmanSwap AMA Recap hosts AMA with MarksmanSwap: Your fastest sniping & trading bots. By traders, for traders. #MarksmanSwap #BSCDaily #BSC #AMA BSCDaily Admin: Hello Tim and welcome to the community! I suppose you’re doing great? Tim: Hello! Thanks for having us here! Yes, we’re doing great! How about you? BSCDaily Admin: I’m doing fantastic! Trying to be productive these days. The market is[Read more…]