DeFi Maximizer: The Coinbase Effect

Learn about why Base, the blockchain launched by Coinbase, is very exciting news for DeFi in the latest installment of the DeFi Maximizer!

Base Blockchain Boosts DeFi

The announcement of Base blockchain by Coinbase is nothing but bullish for DeFi, and there are a number of ways to take advantage of future potential with well-choiced positions today. 

Base is an Ethereum layer two chain, which uses Ethereum as the gas token and scales easily alongside other Ethereum layer two chains including Optimism and Arbitrum. It is built on top of the Optimism stack, breathing new life into the OP token since the announcement. While there is no way to directly invest in the Base chain itself, there are options that are poised for growth if the blockchain reaches the size and scale hoped by Coinbase.

Potential Catalysts

Coinbase has over 100m customers, with the self stated goal of on-boarding the next one billion to crypto. Even if Coinbase falls short of their goal, the company has the products and know how to introduce the less tech-savvy masses to Defi with their new blockchain…

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