Monthly Archives: April 2020

Brave Software CEO Brendan Eich on Why Brave Built a Privacy Browser

In this episode of the Binance Podcast, Wei talks to Brendan Eich. The CEO and founder of the Brave, the company behind the privacy-focused Brave browser, shares his views about the tracking-driven browser industry. With more than 20 years of experience, Brendan and his team identified the need for a browser that respects the privacy[Read more…]

What is Binance Options & How to trade it | #Binance Official Guide

💡 Binance Options are American-style options where users can execute the contract anytime before the expiry date. It tracks only one underlying asset which is the Binance Futures BTCUSDT perpetual contract. 📚 Read our articles to learn more about Binance Options.What Are Options Contracts? ▶️ Options Guide for iOS and Android ▶️ ⏱️[Read more…]

The COVID-19 Coronavirus and Role of Media During the Pandemic

The outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus has created a global health crisis that has had a deep impact on our everyday lives. In this episode, Carol Yin, the host of Analyse Asia, joins Binance CFO, Wei Zhou, to discuss the situation within Wuhan itself, the rest of China and what role the media play during[Read more…]

How to Safeguard Decentralized Identity

Joseph Weinberg is the Co-Founder of Shyft Network, which offers the first end-to-end decentralized solution to the FATF Travel Rule. In this conversation, Joseph and Wei discuss the Shyft Network, the impact of FATF Travel Rule is having on the industry, and also the regulatory responses to the COVID-19 coronavirus. Rights of this Podcast belong[Read more…]