Binance Introduces Innovative Liquid Re-Stake Protocol in Newest Launchpool Initiative

Innovative Launch on Binance Launchpool

In a recent announcement, the major cryptocurrency exchange Binance introduced Renzo (EZ) as its 53rd project on the Binance Launchpool, featuring a unique liquid restake mechanism.

Farming and Staking Details

Details on Farming and StakingUnder the new scheme, the staking page for BNB and FDUSD will activate five hours before the farming period starts, allowing users sufficient time to familiarize themselves with the platform rules and how to participate. The farming, scheduled to begin at 03:00 AM on April 24, invites users to engage in earning EZ tokens by staking in specifically designated pools.

  • The total supply of EZ tokens is capped at 10 billion.
  • 250 million tokens are allocated as rewards for launchpool participants, constituting 2.5% of the total supply.
  • The initial circulating supply will be over 1 billion tokens, which amounts to about 10.50% of the total capped supply.
  • The distribution during the farming phase will allocate 85% of the tokens to the BNB pool and the remaining 15% to the FDUSD pool.

Post-Farming Trading Opportunities

Following the farming phase, Binance plans to list EZ tokens for trading at 03:00 PM on April 30. The new listing will permit trades across multiple pairs including EZ/BTC, EZ/USDT, EZ/BNB, EZ/FDUSD, and EZ/TRY, thus broadening the trading options for participants.

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