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Betero Sports Platform to Launch on April 1st!

Running on a hybrid-decentralized model, Betero is providing a unique user-focused platform for crypto enthusiasts and sports bettors. Betero Sports Platform will launch on April 1st its people-oriented betting platform. The platform addresses all sports betting and crypto enthusiasts and changes how users interact with the sportsbook. Through their rich-feature app, Betero allows users easy[Read more…]

Thena Focuses on Concentrated Liquidity Via FUSION Partnership With Gamma, Algebra

FUSION combines Gamma’s automated active liquidity management with Algebra’s dynamic fees for concentrated liquidity, on Thena’s ve(3,3) model. Automated, Targeted Liquidity Pools ‍BNB Chain rising star Thena has announced the FUSION partnership to integrate concentrated liquidity into the Decentralized Exchange (DEX), in conjunction with Ethereum native Gamma Strategies and Polygon project Algebra. With the expiration of Uniswap[Read more…]

Floki, Baby Doge Crushing the Memecoin Competition in 2023

MemeFi projects Floki and Baby Doge have been flying this year, in terms of both utility and price action. Other memes, such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, have lagged $BTC and $ETH. Meme + DeFi = MemeFi Floki and Baby Doge have had a monster year so far in 2023, and the price of their[Read more…]

Ignore Fud’s 4Token Lists on ShadowSwap, Burns 1.5 Billion Tokens

The new listing offers increased opportunities for the growing Core community to access the native token. By listing on ShadowSwap, Ignore Fud aims to increase the visibility and accessibility of 4Token, making it easier for the growing community to buy and sell the meme token.  Token Burn In just five days of launching, the team[Read more…]

Web3Go Daily Data: BNB Chain Overview of March 31

Web3Go Daily Data: BNB Chain Overview of March 31 Web3Go Daily Data: BNB Chain What is Web3Go: Web3Go is an open data platform that focuses on the formatting, visualization, sharing, and collaborative analysis of the on-chain data generated in the Polkadot and BNB Chain ecosystems. Where to find Web3Go: Website | Twitter | Telegram | Medium | Source : BSC NEWSFounded in[Read more…]

LFGSwap Records Huge Figures with IDO on Arbitrum Network

The protocol has raised over 8,000,000 USDT from the IDO on Arbitrum. The protocol will launch the $LFG Arbitrum fork immediately after IDO is complete. Successful IDO on Arbitrum  LFGSwap’s Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on Arbitrum has caught the eye in the blockchain industry. The Core-based protocol has witnessed remarkable IDO success on the EVM-compatible blockchain. [Read more…]

The Role of Trading in Startup Success: Insights for Entrepreneurs

Exploring the role and benefits of Cryptocurrency trading in revolutionizing how startups access capital and manage their finances. Starting a business is a challenging feat. In this article, we explore the role of trading in startup success and offer insights for entrepreneurs looking to get ahead. Why Trading Matters for Startups Trading refers to the[Read more…]

CryptoLeo Casino Review: All you Need to Know

With a sleek interface, solid customer support, and a wide range of games and features, CryptoLeo has quickly emerged among the leading names in the casino industry.. ‍We’re here to set the record straight—no cryptic messages.  Introduction CryptoLeo is a casino that is operated by Uno Digital Media B.V. Despite being relatively young, the casino has[Read more…]

AI-Powered ZenithSwap Goes Live with Hype and Over-Subscription

ZenithSwap is built on Arbitrum and offers AI-powered rebalancing, low gas fees, fast transactions, and increased liquidity on its platform. The ‘ChatGPT’ of DEX ZenithSwap, the first project incubated by Arbitrum Pad, held its $ZSP token public sale on March 29, which sold out quickly.  “ZenithSwap is a protocol that is intended to be driven by the[Read more…]

KingKong DOGE: A Revolutionary Project That Aims to Transform the Meme Token Landscape on BNB Chain & Ethereum

The project’s ultimate goal is to provide actual use cases and utilities for meme tokens, making them more than just a joke or a speculative investment. KingKong DOGE is more than just another meme token. It has advanced features that include AI NFT minting, DAO governance, and a high-speed swapping mechanism. These features enable holders[Read more…]