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How to Read MACD Indicator |Explained For Beginners

💡 When it comes to technical analysis, the Moving Average Convergence Divergence oscillator is one of the most useful tools available. Not only because it is relatively easy to use, but also because it is quite effective at identifying both market trends and market momentum. 📚 Read our articles to learn more about Technical Analysis5[Read more…]

What are Dusting Attacks & How to Avoid Them?|Explained for beginners

💡 Have you received a small amount of unsolicited cryptocurrency into your wallet? You may be a victim of a Dusting Attack.A dusting attack refers to a relatively new kind of malicious activity where hackers and scammers try and break the privacy of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency users by sending tiny amounts of coins to their[Read more…]

What Are Pyramid And Ponzi Schemes & How to Avoid Them|Explained For Beginners

💡 How can a distributed network of computer nodes agree on a decision, if some of the nodes are likely to fail or to act dishonestly? This is the fundamental question of the so-called Byzantine Generals’ problem, which gave birth to the concept of Byzantine fault tolerance. 📚 Read our articles to learn more about[Read more…]