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Episode 105: MetaEngine Introduces Their Blockchain-Ready Gaming Development Platform

Current Episode Latest BSC.NEWS Podcast Stream Source : BSC NEWSFounded in 2020, BSCNews is the leading media platform covering decentralized finance (DeFi) on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). We cover a wide range of blockchain news revolving mainly around the DeFi sector of the crypto markets. BSCNews aims to inform, educate and share information[Read more…]

Ace Inu AMA recap hosts an AMA with Ace Inu. #AceInu #BNBChain #BSCDaily #AMA. Cryptodaily Admin: Well well well!! Here we are, back at it again with another AMA with BSCDaily Thank you everyone for supporting us and joining this AMA with Ace Inu Together with Ace Inu, I’m joined by Mera Mera – CMO Mera Mera: Hello[Read more…]

BombCrypto Teases Amazon Mode & Rises in Dapp Rankings

The ‘Amazon Mode’ comes with new features, including the idea of rewarding users with a new token. New GameFi Mode With Classic Features  BombCrypto is set to unveil new essential features to its ecosystem. In addition, the GameFi platform on BNB Chain will introduce the Amazon mode added to its 2022 Roadmap shortly.  According to BombCrypto’s tweet on April 29, the feature[Read more…]

Cryptomines Introduces Wrapped Crux

The new token will be used as the in-game currency for the PlayAndEarn blockchain game. New Wrapped CRUX Token Cryptomines announced a new wrapped token to its economy called Wrapped Crux ($WCRUX). The space exploration GameFi project built on the BNB Chain debuted the new token through a tweet on April 28. $WCRUX will be used as the new in-game currency for CryptoMines,[Read more…]

Binance NFT Reveals Whitelisted Projects

Interest is beginning to rise in BNB Chain NFTs as volume picks up, and Binance NFT has highlighted some of the most sought-after collections. We caught up with PancakeSwap and PixelSweeper for reaction. Premier BNB Collections Highlighted Binance NFT begins whitelisting some of the premier Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collections on the BNB Chain, allowing deposits and trades on PancakeSquad NFTs, Pancake[Read more…]

MOMOverse: The Dawn Launch Arrives for MOBOX Community

MOMOverse DAWN comes with upgrades to the MOBOX metaverse, creating an enticing experience for both new and existing users. MOBOX Launch Official Metaverse  Top Non-fungible Token (NFT) and GameFi platform on BNB Chain, MOBOX, released its newly improved metaverse to the community. As the GameFi platform calls it, the “MOMOverse DAWN” is the official version of the MOBOX MOMOverse.  The GameFi protocol launched[Read more…]

Women in Web3 Twitter Spaces Offers Important Insight

Four amazing Web3 ladies join this week’s Friday Night Live to speak about the importance of bringing more women online to build the future of finance, art and culture. Women in the Metaverse BSC News hosted four women entrepreneurs – engaged in building the future of Web3 –  to discuss the role of females in crypto,[Read more…]

Catecoin Confirms Development of Move to Earn Feature

The BNB Chain feline frenzy is going to get more activity with the latest add-on—literally! Rise of Catecoin MoveToEarn  The Rise of Cates GameFi from CateCoin announced it is developing a MoveToEarn feature to earn rewards for walking activities. The exciting initiative sees Catecoin jump onto the recent hype of MoveToEarn projects across the crypto space. The tweet announcement[Read more…]

Celer Cross-Chain NFT Solution Package is Live on Mainnet

The solution offers projects and developers the chance to create cross-chain native NFTs that users can sell across multiple networks. Transfer NFTs Across Multiple Blockchains  The last time BSC News covered a story about Celer Network, the inter-blockchain and cross-layer communication platform established the Inter-chain Messaging (IM) Software Development Kit (SDK) Framework. Celer used the IM SDK Framework to[Read more…]

Moonbeam RPC is Live on Ankr Protocol

The integration offers users the tools needed to access Moonbeam’s capabilities to create the best multi-chain dApps. Ankr Protocol Integrates Moonbeam RPC  Decentralized Web3 infrastructure, Ankr Protocol introduced a new feature for Decentralized Application (dApp) developers. The protocol added Moonbeam Remote Procedure Call (RPC) for developers interested in integrating Moonbeam’s functionalities. Moonbeam is a new layer-1 chain part of the Polkadot ecosystem designed[Read more…]