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Things to know: – The Transfer of Funds Regulation (TFR) aims to prevent payment systems from being used to launder money or finance terrorism, a commendable goal we fully support.  – First applied to traditional payment systems in 2015, the TFR is being expanded to also cover transfers of crypto assets. This is the EU implementation of[Read more…]

How to Bridge DeFi Cryptocurrencies Using Synapse on Binance Smart Chain

In a few simple steps, you can move your stablecoin assets from one chain to another in a single transaction using the Synapse bridge. Bridges Essential to Blockchain Blockchain’s revolutionary ideologies center on decentralization. Blockchain believes that people should have control over their financial choices. Thus, one main push of blockchain technology is to break[Read more…]

BSC Invests in Another Decentralized Derivatives Exchange

Deri Protocol has secured an investment under the Binance Smart Chain $1 billion growth fund as BSC increases its involvement with decentralized derivatives. History Repeating The decentralized derivatives exchange Deri Protocol has won an investment from the Binance Smart Chain $1 billion growth fund. The news follows a similar investment the fund made in the[Read more…]

Mastercard Forges Partnership In Asia for Bitcoin Payment Cards

Deck: Mastercard finds regional partners in Asia to introduce crypto payment cards as its survey on consumers reveals such a need. Crypto to Fiat  Mastercard partners with three digital asset platforms in Asia to allow consumers in the region to instantly convert cryptos to fiat for spending with any of the merchants that accepts Mastercard payments.[Read more…]

G2 Crypto Gaming is Live!

G2 has launched a true utility token backed by an existing product, assets (liquidity, treasury staking pool, technology), and they are already generating positive cash (token) flows. This is closer to a company than anything else on BSC. G2 doesn’t require hype to grow; It has a product, purpose, and multiple profitable income streams. This[Read more…]

BinaryX Releases Beta Version and Multiple Updates

The GameFi protocol has launched the Beta test version for an aspect of its Cyber Dragon game and will follow it up with the first PVP mode of the game. BinaryX Beta Test Goes Live  BinaryX has launched the equipment system Beta test of its Play-to-Earn game, Cyber Dragon. The GameFi protocol has optimized the game’s equipment system to offer the best[Read more…]

Discord CEO Teases App Integration With Ethereum

Citron’s hint came in response to a famous writer who suggested that Discord embrace Web 3 network. Will Discord Add Ethereum Support?  Co-founder and CEO of Discord, Jason Citron, raised speculations about integrating Ethereum on the top social media platform while responding to a Twitter user and founder of Not Boring Capital and Not Boring[Read more…]

Will MetaMask Launch a $MASK Token?

Joe Lubin, the founder of ConsenSys, has teased that MetaMask could be set to launch its own token. MASK Token Coming? The possibility of MetaMask releasing its own token has taken a great leap forward this week. The revelation comes after ConsenSys CEO Joe Lubin was seemingly goaded into announcing the news in a Twitter[Read more…]

Binance to List Manchester City Fan Token From

Yet another sporting token set to list on Binance, but this time from a competitor. Blue Moon Listing Manchester City’s official Fan Token from will enjoy a release on Binance after the cryptocurrency exchange made an official announcement. After enjoying success with the listing of Lazio’s Fan Token, as Binance’s own project and the announcement[Read more…]

Coinbase Preps Plans for NFT Marketplace Similar to Instagram in Q3 Report

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong offered some new details on Coinbase NFT in his Q3 address to investors on Tuesday. New NFT Marketplace Coinbase NFT will offer a social experience more akin to Instagram than eBay according to Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong. Armstrong made the claims during the company’s third-quarter (Q3) investor call. The Coinbase CEO was[Read more…]