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SafeSwap Online Audited By Audit.SC

What steps would you take to lessen the risk of prospective hacker attacks? Although smart contracts are extremely secure, why do they require auditing services? Auditing is the only way to decrease project risks because if compromises are made both platform users and a company’s brand could be jeopardized. Have you ever thought about why[Read more…]

ImmuneFi Shares Curated List of Educational Blockchain Security Material

ImmuneFi continues to educate users in the Decentralized Finance space, ensuring that they learn how to hunt bugs easily. ImmuneFi Educates Users on Blockchain Security  ImmuneFi recently dropped a few educational materials for users. The leading bug bounty blockchain platform for Binance Smart Chain (BSC) projects shared a list of resources for users to learn the[Read more…]

New GMI Political Action Committee (PAC) Launched by US Crypto Leaders

As regulation takes center stage in 2022, the need for established money channels will be a powerful tool for crypto leaders. Crypto Leaders Found PAC Crypto leaders and blockchain enthusiasts have come together to form a super Political Action Committee (PAC), called the GMI PAC. With notable backers like FTX, Messari, and SkyBridge Capital, the[Read more…]

Age of Tanks – Working Towards a New Era in the Play-to-Earn Arena

The project seeks to build engaging gameplay and a fleshed-out economic ecosystem for its community. Playing to Earn As NFTs and GameFi gain greater awareness, it should not surprise us that conceptions of the Metaverse for most within the crypto community are centered around GameFi and the “Play-to-Earn” concept.  The “Play-to-Earn” sector has till date[Read more…]

Abracadabra Issues Statement After Wonderland Scandal, SPELL Rebounds

Abracadabra’s SPELL token crashed last week when it was revealed that Sifu, the CFO of its proposed merger project Wonderland, was hiding a dark secret. The Magic Isn’t Over Just Yet Stablecoin project Abracadabra is recovering after one of the most bruising weeks in DeFi. Problems arose on January 27, when Wonderland’s Chief Financial Officer,[Read more…]

MetaCar AMA Transcript

“MetaCar is an important part of the MetaWorld ecosystem” Stephanie (BSC.News) Hello everyone and welcome to the AMA with METACAR! Today we have Chris from METACAR joining us to talk about their exciting platform. Great to have you here Chris 😊 Chris Hi  every body,nice to meet you I’m the CEO of MetaCar&MetaWorld, Chris. At[Read more…]

Moonpot Outlines Multichain Future

Going multi-chain will provide the platform’s users with more earning opportunities and better profits. Multi-Chain In View Lossless lottery protocol, Moonpot, has given a glimpse of its plans to go multi-chain. The protocol started on Binance Smart Chain but is in the process of launching new pools on Polygon and Fantom blockchains.  Exploring other chains will enable Moonpot[Read more…]

Crypto OG and Socialite Paris Hilton takes her Party into the Metaverse

Paris Hilton, the socialite, and crypto influencer sees the metaverse as the future of human interaction and socializing. Metaverse Party Paris Hilton, a celebrity that made her entry into the crypto scene in 2017 is now back with her new Non-Fungible Token (NFT) project and talks about the future in the metaverse on The Tonight Show.  Paris surprised[Read more…]

Ronin Network Introduces $RON: What is it?

$RON is the native token of the Ronin Network, the side chain developed by the creators of PlayToEarn blockchain project Axie Infinity. $RON in Ronin $RON, a token that Axie Infinity players were farming since November of 2021, was recently released to the community. $RON is designed as an ecosystem token to decentralize the Ronin Network,[Read more…]

Crypto is National Security? – Chung’s Weekly Digest (1/30)

The Biden Administration has to now move to regulate crypto as ‘a matter of national security’. The Biden Move The Biden Administration has classified crypto regulation as a matter of national security as crypto adoption continues at an unprecedented rate but without proper regulation. Biden is likely to issue an executive order that will significantly move the[Read more…]