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Berry Data Launches “Yield Radar” and 4 Partnerships, Expanding Binance Smart Chain Oracle Services

Berry Data looks ready to become a data aggregator staple in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. Yield Radars and Partnerships  Berry Data has recently grown its services with a yield radar, massive partnerships, and chain oracle services. Berry Data is a data services protocol operating on Binance Smart Chain. The price oracle welcomes four new partnerships to expand their[Read more…]

Helmet Insure and Multiplier Juice Mining Rewards Through Yield Farming Campaign

Helmet Insure brings incredible innovation to yield farming, now offering yield farmers the ability to yield farm call option tokens. Yield Farming Innovation  Helmet Insure has recently partnered with Multiplier, offering a month-long campaign with a massive dual mining bonus and huge rewards. The new campaign provides a ton of value to investors, notably a straightforward way[Read more…]

ARK Investments and 21 Shares Propose Bitcoin ETF as Demand Increases

The long line of firms seeking to offer a bitcoin ETF has grown just a little longer, as ARK Investments and 21 Shares have submitted a combined bid to the SEC. The Quest for BTC ETF Continues ARK Investment Management has applied to have a bitcoin exchange traded fund (ETF) approved by the US Securities[Read more…]

Alpaca Finance Users Shed Light on Pseudo-Delta Neutral Yield Farming Strategy, 180% APY Yield Farming

The volatility of crypto has users on the prowl for innovative strategies for safe and stable gains. Some unique strategies were unveiled to help users sleep calmly at night. Lost in Translation No Longer Crypto and its solutions have truly gone global. What started as a suggestive tweet in Japanese has turned into a new[Read more…]

Thailand’s Biggest Commercial Bank Becomes Injective’s Validator, Citing Institutional Appeal in the Protocol

Thailand’s largest and oldest commercial bank, Siam Commercial Bank (SCB), is joining a growing list of validators for Injective Protocol ($INJ), a multi-chain decentralized exchange protocol. Badge of Honor Injective Protocol will soon add an invaluable partner to its validators that secure its proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchains. The latest news with Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) helps Injective gain traction[Read more…]

John Mcafee’s Suicide Leaves Many Questions Unanswered

The iconic software security guru passed away on June 23rd, just a few days after his extradition to the United States had been approved. The news had come as a shock to many, especially when the cause of death was revealed as suicide by his lawyer. John McAfee, the owner of the McAfee Antivirus, didn’t get[Read more…]

Impossible Finance Falls Victim to Exploit

Impossible Finance has once again done quite literally the impossible, by having been hacked and then, shockingly, witnessing part of the funds sent back by the attacker once Impossible Finance, which just at the beginning of June raised $7M from over 125 institutional and angel investors to launch their platform, which is dedicated to financial[Read more…]

Crypto Investment in India Experiences a Considerable Surge

India is one of the late adopters of cryptocurrency, with several complicated regulatory climates regarding crypto assets. However, investments in cryptocurrency projects in India have increased by 19,900% within a year despite all the hurdles. Because of the growth in the cryptocurrency market in the past few years, and increasing adoption in many developed and[Read more…]

Binance Chain Learn and Earn Offers $25,000 in Rewards to Users Who to Want to Learn DeFi

Knowledge is power, and Binance knows it. They’ve built a huge promotional campaign to educate eager investors about decentralized finance. Learn and Earn Binance wants users to grow their knowledge of Binance Smart Chain (BSC) in a promotion the company has called “Learn and Earn.” Once participants have learned all they can, they will be asked[Read more…]

bEarn Offers Sports Betting for UEFA EURO 2020 as Competition Heats Up

The bEarn community can benefit from the tournament by placing bets on the EURO 2020 tournament and maximizing their BDO holdings. Sports Betting And EURO 2020 Soccer (or football) is perhaps one of the most bet-on sports currently. bEarn.Fi, announced EURO 2020 betting on its platform in its official publication on June 23rd. While the World Cup[Read more…]