Monthly Archives: October 2022

1inch Partners With Revolut to Offer Crypto ‘Learn & Earn’ Course

DEX aggregator 1inch Network has teamed up with U.K. fintech firm Revolut to develop a crypto course on DeFi where users can earn $1INCH. Learn DeFi, Earn $1INCH 1inch Network has partnered with Revolut to develop a crypto “Learn & Earn” course on the basics of Decentralized Finance (DeFi). Users can earn $1INCH by completing the three-lesson[Read more…]

FEG Token Rallies After Recovery of Funds From Team Finance Exploit

After recovering 90% of liquidity compromised in an exploit of Team Finance, the value of FEG Token rallied by 11% in the past day. FEG Recovers Liquidity, Token Price The price of FEG Token rallied after the project was able to reclaim 548 ETH in liquidity that was taken during an exploit of the Team[Read more…]

Report: Uniswap Not Immune To Massive Rugpulls

The percentage of rugpulls on Uniswap is a staggering 97%+! This is a fantastic reminder to Do Your Own Research. (Yes, this means you!) Uniswap Rugpulls Are Everywhere The rugpulls of micro-cap tokens and meme coins on Uniswap are higher than 97%. A 2022 report shows that the plight of users and smaller tokens are[Read more…]

Monster Era Officially Launches Mainnet Nov 1 – Users Can Easily Own Many Gifts Including Box, NFT, Token

After more than one month since the September 15 $HUB token listing on MEXC, Monster Era has announced that Mainnet will be on November 1, 2022, at 6 PM UTC+7. November 1 Mainnet The GameFi market is proving its dramatic development with countless high-quality games highly valued by experts as well as the user community[Read more…]

Alien Worlds GameFi Surging Back To Top of Rankings

The Alien Worlds metaverse ends the month of October atop the GameFi rankings among all blockchains and looks set for a strong winter. Alien Worlds No. 1 for BNB Chain GameFi Behind the activation of Syndicate spending accounts, Alien Worlds has propelled itself back to the top of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) rankings, not just GameFi. The last week of[Read more…]

X World Games: Can Engage-To-Earn Change the Metaverse Experience?

Dream Idols: Fantasia by X World Games will introduce the new Engage-to-Earn concept into its platform – but can it bring users into the metaverse? New Engage-To-Earn for Metaverse Blockchain engagement has undergone several evolutions over the past year, changing nomenclature from PlayToEarn to PlayToOwn to PlayAndEarn, among others. The latest evolution, Engage-To-Earn, looks primed to help[Read more…]

BSC News Roundtable: Is Blockchain Decentralization a Myth?

Is true blockchain decentralization achievable or even desirable? This is the big subject of our newest BSC News Roundtable discussion. BSC News Roundtable on Blockchain Decentralization Welcome to the BSC News Roundtable, where we leverage the expertise of our staff (inside and out of the newsroom) to discuss important topics in blockchain and crypto. In this edition, we pondered[Read more…]

Pi Network Co-Founder: For Crypto Success, Move Away From Currency

A lot of blockchain activity revolves around crypto price speculation, but Pi Network wants to change the narrative with problem-solving utilities. Pi Network Will Be Utility-Driven Pi Network Co-Founder Chengdiao Fan believes that most crypto ecosystems are not sustainable in the long term because the utility of their tokens centers mostly around what their users can earn[Read more…]

Floki ‘Invades’ TikTok, Instagram to Push Brand to Mass Users

Floki has experienced significant growth across social media since moving to Instagram and Twitter, coinciding with a bullish run for $FLOKI. Vikings Take on TikTok, Instagram Floki has moved to TikTok and Instagram to unveil its innovative ecosystem and offerings in the global crypto space. The protocol, with over 370,000 Twitter followers, branched out to[Read more…]

Milestones for BabyDogeSwap: Can New Features Keep Project Pumping?

Baby Doge Coin is growing into more than just a meme coin with the latest features and developments. TVL on the BabyDogeSwap platform surpassed $27 million. BabyDogeSwap Passes $27M in TVL A slew of new milestones over the past week from Oct. 25 has helped bring increased attention to the already incredibly popular memecoin Baby[Read more…]