Degen Ape Club NFTs Hits Cafe Walls After Marketplace Dominance

As the collection continues to rage, community members also express their affection for it in unique ways.

Degen Ape Craze Continues

Degen Ape Club (DAC) NFTs have shown strong performance over the last month as they are listed among the top 10 BNB Chain NFTs on NFTKEY and Rareboard NFT marketplaces. 

The Degen Ape club NFT collection is one of the most traded on the NFTKEY marketplace. Currently, 5,549 NFTs are listed with a total traded volume of 1,600 BNB and a floor price of 0.16 BNB. In addition, the collection ranks tenth in overall volume on the Rareboard NFT marketplace. 

The enthusiasm for the collection is rife as a German cafe owner recently posted pictures of his cafe walls decorated with graphics of DAC NFTs. BSC News reached out to the founder, akui, to find out what he thought about such a response from his community. 

”I think it’s awesome to see some of our members show love like that for my project. You receive that love and read things on Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and more, but for some people to go out of their way, whether it’s printing out the apes their own or something else, to see the artwork and project supported and represented physically in the real world is so cool, and I think it can open doors for more people to discover what NFTs and Crypto can be about sometimes,” akui shared with BSC News.

As a member of the DAC community, the owner of the cafe, Eiskult, has been giving out offers for other DAC holders, such as three drinks a month for free or 10% off sundaes.

“Even offering discounts if someone who is a member of Degen Ape Club, lives in Germany, and decides to visit that shop that another member owns and create new relationships and connections with each other is truly something else,” the founder explained. “The community means the world to me, and the members of Degen Ape Club amaze me every time when I’m shown things like this.” 

Source: Eiskult Cafe

Among the Top BNB Collections

After its launch on BNB Chain on January 24, the Degen Ape collection was sold out in 10 hours, standing as the top NFT collection on the Chain during that time. The team at DAC is currently exploring new utilities to introduce more value to investors and holders..

Additionally, the PixelSweeper community nominated the Degen Ape Club for the opportunity to have their floor swept from the mint and trading revenue of PixelSweeper. Voting started on June 6, and the three winning collections will each receive $50,000 for sweeping their floors. Voters must stake their PixelSweeper NFTs at to gain eligibility.


What is Degen Ape Club?

Degen Ape Club is a collection of 5,555 unique BAYC-inspired NFTs built on the Binance Smart Chain. Fifty-two apes were withheld from the sale to be used for giveaways & promotion. The current floor price for an NFT is 0.1 BNB. The collection is available on NFTKey. The project is not affiliated with the Bored Ape Yacht Club on Ethereum.

Where to find Degen Ape Club

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord

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