A-NATION: The First Tokenized Film Production Company

A-NATION is the first tokenized film production company with founders that are actively involved in the world of filmmaking.

What is A-NATION?

A-NATION is the first tokenized film production company whose founders are actively involved in both independent and studio film productions at the highest levels.

The company was founded by Blockchain Lead Developer Kade Vu and Producer/Writer/Director Chuck Russell who has more than 25 years of experience in the world of cinema. 

“The objective of A-Nation is to utilize the rapidly growing blockchain technology in all its parts to rectify the shortcomings of  traditional film business models. The time has come to apply the now multi-trillion dollar value of the World’s cryptocurrency to film and television production,” said A-NATION’s whitepaper.


BUSD rewards: 10% of overall tax from transactions, 4% from buys, and 6% from sells are returned to the holders in the form of BUSD or Binance USD rewards. 

Auto-liquidity: 4% or more of overall tax, automatically goes to liquidity, giving stability to prices

Auto-buyback with manual burn: 4% of overall tax is used to buyback tokens followed by a burn mechanism

Locked Liquidity Pool: The Liquidity Pool will be consistently locked while voting mechanism can be used to control the locked liquidity

High Staking Reward: Staking ANATION tokens will provide a daily interest of 0.08% with an annual reward yield of over 30%.

Box Office Rewards: BUSD rewards equivalent to 5% of net profits from the box office will go back to holders calculated on the basis of number of tokens held.

Token/NFT gated-entry: A section of the A-NATION website will require private wallets to connect directly with the dapp, giving access to footage, behind the scene, rare interviews, and more.

Decentralized Voting: An IPFS (interplanetary file system), decentralized storage system will be used to poll token holder base.



A-NATION can put assets directly into the production itself, investing in high quality at a fraction of the cost of similar productions, allowing up to 50 percent reduction in cost along with a shorter completion time of more than half.


Limited NFTs directly linked to “A Day On The Set”, Behind-the-Scene, Cast, Character, Red carpet attendance, and Elite access to A-PAD. Each NFT contract will be coded for a 5% residual, deposited to a charity wallet.


A-PAD is a launchpad for blockchain and crypto-based projects. 


Filmmakers compete for a slot in an auction which can be done by holding most tokens for the creator’s project.  In exchange for the slots, each winning project will have NFTs minted that will be exchanged for the equal value of ANATION tokens that will be locked during the film’s production.


Developers, creators, designers, and entrepreneurs with unique ideas can access this platform to leverage A-Nation’s Ecosystem.


Independent filmmakers, underground artists, low budget projects and more can monetize their projects on the platform. 


The A-NATION ecosystem has its own blockchain which includes transparency, democratic governance, piracy protection, middlemen reduction, vertical integration, and most importantly, reclamation of one’s privacy.




With backing from experienced co-founders, A-NATION has set on a journey to capitalize on the opportunities in the blockchain industry and merge the filmmaking and blockchain industries together. To learn more about the project, proceed to the links below:





Source : bsc.news

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