Tron Accelerates To 3rd Spot As Biggest Blockchain In Terms Of TVL

Tron takes off by 44% and ranks as the third-largest blockchain based on TVL. Tron, Tronix, or TRX is designed to beat Bitcoin and Ethereum on their tracks with faster, cheaper, and smarter transactions.

Tron doesn’t have a maximum supply, unlike Bitcoin, which means it has eliminated the scarcity element, making it eclipse the “king of crypto.”

Despite its downturn in 2021, many investors have remained bullish on Tron. TRX’s current TVL is now at $5.9 billion, a figure it reached in just a month.

The only two blockchains ahead of Tron are Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, which currently have a TVL of $93 billion and $10.8 billion, respectively.

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Despite its downturn last …

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