Have You Heard of Johnny Depp’s ‘Never Fear Truth’ NFT Collection?

The NFT collection’s name paints an ironic image behind Depp’s public persona and the impending results of the trial.

Getting to the Bottom of NFTs

What, if anything, does famous actor and musician Johnny Depp’s very-public defamation trial have to do with cryptocurrency?

If you’ve been active on social media over the last month, you probably know that Johnny Depp is in court with ex-wife actress Amber Heard in one of our time’s most prominent and scandalous legal trials. Depp is suing Heard for defamation to the tune of $50 million, and Heard has responded with a $100 million defamation suit of her own. 

The testimony and evidence presented in court took the world by storm, painting a grim picture of a once-passionate love turned sour. Depp shocked viewers by not only denying all allegations of abuse but alleging that Heard was the violent partner in their relationship. Support for the #JusticeForJohnnyDepp movement gained momentum after his harrowing testimony and continues to mount as the last week of the trial kicks off.


But you may not know that Mr. Depp himself is a member of the crypto community and has released a collection of NFTs titled “Never Fear Truth” in January of this year.  The collection includes animated portraits of himself, his family, and his closest friends – with unique features developed by Depp through an impressive artistic process.

Each piece has multiple layers, with backgrounds created through either foil, acrylic or screenprint. The portrait‘s subject is then overlaid with several other features on top. These include quotes, stamps, and Depp’s signature—among others. Each property has its specific rarity, with some occurring less than one percent of the time. 

Check out this YouTube video by Art of the Pantheon for a deeper dive into his creative process.   

In The Depths of the NFTs

Perhaps the most alluring aspect of the NFT collection is seeing the brainchild of a pop culture icon come to life before our eyes. The actor, who owns a castle in West Hollywood and a private island in the Bahamas, has somehow endeared himself to viewers of the trial worldwide – perhaps through his captivating storytelling on the stand or spicy one-liners on cross-examination. His sarcastic humor had us—and the court’s gallery—laughing aloud. 

Having spent the better part of his years of fame shrouded in mystery, Depp is finally allowing us to peek behind the curtain with this series of NFTs. Owning a piece of his art feels like winning a golden ticket to tour Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

And now, followers of BSC News are eligible to win their very own piece of Depp’s collection. 

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Source: Screenshot ‘Never Fear Truth’ Gallery.

It could be hypothesized that Depp chose to share his artistic talent with the crypto community because we share the common experience of being misjudged. Society has been relentless in its doubt and was quick to publicly chastise Depp before all the facts were presented. 

If nothing else, the series’ name inspires us to hold onto some recognizable credos from the present crypto environment: do your own research, innocent until proven guilty, the triumphs of truth and transparency. 

Or could the name just be another clever quip from Mr. Depp? 

Never fear truth. Question everything.

Source : bsc.news

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