PolkaCity – Enter a Virtual City of Profits

This Metaverse project offers a diverse gameplay experience that will be just as profitable as it is fun.

Introducing PolkaCity

PolkaCity is a fully autonomous contract-based multi-chain Metaverse that allows you to invest in digital virtual assets in the form of 3D and VR Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The platform is essentially a full-scale virtual city where players will be able to show off their virtual assets to other players. These assets will include representations of things like buildings, businesses, sports cars, and more.

PolkaCity is powered by the POLC token, which will be used for in-game transactions and other activities on the platform. The platform contains the Metaverse city, a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to Ethereum (ETH) bridge, an NFT Treasure Hunt game, and more exciting features.


The demo is scheduled to launch in December, only a short few weeks away. Players will have access to features like in-game chat, character modification, and driving their vehicle NFTs, with many more features to come in the near future.

PolkaCity Gameplay

The gameplay in PolkaCity takes place in a large city. Players are able to freely move about the city and interact with other players and their environment, similar to other MMO-style games like Elder Scrolls Online. The key difference between PolkaCity and mainstream MMOs is that the currency you can earn in-game has real-world value.

As the living city is enhanced, players will have access to a variety of new features to enjoy. These will include minigames, missions, live concerts, and a main objective task to be revealed by the team. Players will be able to own businesses like gas stations, discos, and hotels to earn profit. They can also opt to operate services like in-game taxis to earn more POLC.

The Assets

Players can purchase NFTs which will give them access to passive income and in-game items and features. These include vehicles to drive around the city and businesses which will reward owners in POLC. Players will be able to drive legendary cars like Bugattis or Lamborghinis in the city if they purchase the corresponding PolkaCity NFTs. Each NFT will have a weekly APY earned that is set by the PolkaCity smart contracts – meaning you can earn POLC just for speeding around the city in your Lamborghini NFT.

All assets are guided by smart contracts, ensuring that the income earned will always be distributed on the correct schedule.  PolkaCity NFTs are currently traded on OpenSea, a premier NFT secondary marketplace, where they have reached over 1,000 ETH in volume since their listing around 6 months ago.

Other Key Features

Along with their immersive city Metaverse, PolkaCity has also launched a variety of other Decentralized Finance (DeFi) tools and services for users to enjoy.

3D/AR NFT Store – This NFT store allows users to purchase 3D and AR-based NFTs for use in the PolkaCity Metaverse. The NFTs are customizable to give buyers a more tailored variety of NFTs to choose from.

BSC-ETH Bridge – This bridge allows users to transfer POLC tokens and NFTs cross-chain between BSC and ETH. Currently users can only transfer from ETH to BSC, but the reverse will be enabled in the near future.

NFT Treasure Hunt – This game is a separate activity from the city where users can compete to find NFTs in a treasure hunt. Battle other users in an effort to find rare and valuable NFTs!

CertiK Audit – The PolkaCity smart contracts have been audited by CertiK to ensure their safety. As of now all potential issues found by the audit have been resolved, granting PolkaCity a secure assessment.



Final Thoughts

With the growing Metaverse industry becoming fully mainstream, PolkaCity has a substantial opportunity to capitalize. Their virtual city is progressing towards a Grand Theft Auto-style experience (minus the carnage) where players have nearly endless missions and interactive environments to explore.

If you enjoy MMO-style games and would rather earn real value as you play instead of worthless in-game only tokens, PolkaCity is an excellent option to check out.

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