Phoenix Chain Set for March 29 Fair Launch on Ethereum

Scheduled for March 29 at 1 PM UTC, the Phoenix team is confident that the launch on Ethereum will strategically broaden visibility and expand reach.

Fair Launch on Ethereum

The Phoenix Chain team has announced the upcoming Fair Launch of their project on the Ethereum network. In a statement addressed to the Phoenix Chain community, the team expressed their confidence in the project’s potential and stated that the launch on the Ethereum network is a significant milestone that will increase the project’s visibility and expand its reach.

The launch on both BEP20 and ERC20 networks is a strategic move that the team hopes will broaden the project’s reach. The BNB Chain fair launch on Pinksale has already resulted in profits of up to 400% for early investors, and the team is optimistic about the prospects of the Ethereum launch.

To promote the brand, the Phoenix Chain team has planned several activities, including massive awareness campaigns, AMA sessions with Binance,, Whale Watcher, Cryptoholics, and the Pinksale community. They will also be running various competitions and releasing articles on BSC News.

The launch on the Ethereum network will take place on Wednesday, March 29 at 1 pm UTC and will end on April 1. The team is calling on the community to participate in the launch fully and to support the project’s success.

Phoenix Chain aims to become one of the top coins in the market and is committed to achieving this goal. The team encourages the community to stay hyped and to join them in creating a lasting impact.

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