How CURE is on a Journey to Become the Next Big Cryptocurrency

A truly philanthropic token conceived by a preexisting charity, CURE seeks to leverage blockchain technology for utility beyond a simple profit.

Vision Becomes Reality

CURE was one man’s vision that became an entire movement.  

Jacob Beckley and his dedicated team launched the charitable project just 52 days ago to incredible success. Already it has hit a number of exceptional milestones, including an ATH of $52 Million and a daily trade volume of $1 Million. The project has also made a serious name for itself in the cryptocurrency world as the next big thing – It seems that everyone from top crypto influencers, marketers, and other project leads have all heard of CURE, and for good reason.

CURE Puts its Money Where its Heart is. 

The project – which at its core aims to eradicate pediatric cancer – has already raised over $300,000 USD (and a further $10,000 daily), donating to small cancer research facilities and the families of children suffering with catastrophic disease. In a sea of meme tokens that attach themselves to charitable causes as an afterthought, in order to lure in kind-hearted investors, the key differentiator is that CURE is literally already a longstanding charity. The project is the latest evolution of the highly successful non-profit organization, The Beckley Foundation, of which Jacob is founder and chairman. Given that its parent company itself has already raised over $1 Million for cancer research – with 100% going to the cause itself – it is safe to say that the project is in good hands. 

Impressive Expansion

Despite CURE’s exceptional early success, Jacob and the team (which is now formed of 85 talented members, many of whom are volunteers) aren’t content to simply sit around and ride the wave. The project is expanding at an exceptional rate, and achieving every single target milestone it sets for itself. Those that have already been achieved include an audit by best-in-the-business Certik and a sponsorship deal with NASCAR. 

The former has seen Jacob working closely with the auditing company to address every single minor issue raised until they update the pass to a perfect score – something simply unheard of in the crypto space. The latter will see an entire car wrapped with the CURE token logo and taking part in a vast number of races during the immensely popular NASCAR Cup tournament early next year. Given that the sport has an average viewership of over 9 million, to say it will give the project a large amount of exposure is somewhat of an understatement. 

No Time to Rest

Although Jacob has an exceptional team, he is not one to sit on the side-lines. Already the Senior Vice President of Innovation, Technology and Product at highly successful Innovation company, Fusion92 in Chicago, he still finds time to spearhead the growth of the project. Recently he met with several large investors in Puerto Rico (where the project is exceptionally popular) and is due to meet more at the upcoming Miami Crypto Expo on 10th November, where the project will also be taking over hundreds of bus-stop billboards all over the city. 

In addition to this, Jacob takes part in dozens of monthly AMA’s, hosts Crypto 101 sessions for newcomers and organizes all charitable donations. A true philanthropist, Jacob doesn’t earn a cent from any of this, and doesn’t own any tokens either. For the project lead, it is all about his vision.

And what a vision it is.   

The Vision

CURE aims to be a centralized healthcare and research disruptor and makes no secret of it.  The first problem the project will tackle is global research collaboration. Currently there are vast gaps in the way that major disease data is shared and utilized worldwide, and most research institutes work in small pockets that rarely communicate with one another. 

In order to address this, CURE will create its own revolutionary blockchain that will enable anonymous patient healthcare information to be stored as dynamic NFTs, growing organically throughout the life of the individual (and earning them royalties in the process). Global researchers would then be able to tap into and share that information between each other across the world, circumnavigating the large data gap caused by centralized data policies. This in turn would mean that for the first time ever, researchers would be working together as a cohesive whole, which will allow cures and treatments to be discovered exponentially faster.  

The second issue that CURE will fix is healthcare equality. There is a presently a noticeable disparity in both the accessibility and quality of global healthcare – especially for those of lower income. CURE aims to position itself as the answer for that lack of affordability, equality and access. Tokens could be traded, donated, or accessed in a number of other as-yet-to-be-announced ways, which would give everyone access to professional healthcare and treatment, regardless of geographical location or circumstance. Once implemented, this decentralized alternative to prohibitive centralized systems, institutions and insurances would completely level the playing field. The result would be exceptional healthcare at an affordable rate to all – a right that CURE believes everyone should have. 

The Future of CURE

It is no exaggeration to assume that CURE will achieve all of its plans if it continues on its current trajectory. The project has simply caught the attention of too many influential institutions and individuals to ever become anything other than an eventual household name. At its core, this is largely because the project is seeking genuine change in the world and has the means to achieve it. Add to this a project lead with a laser-focused drive and honest values, backed by a powerful and passionate team who work tirelessly behind the scenes, and you have a winning formula for success.

Now that is a cause worth investing in. 

If you want to find out more about CURE and its mission, head over to their website.
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