New NFT GameFi Poco Confirms Official Beta Version 1.0 Release

The beta release of the Poco NFT game project will help players get to grips with the game as developers polish the game’s final release.

Little Poco Warriors

The GameFi project Poco has announced the launch of its beta version 1.0. The beta release of the game will prove a testing ground both for developers and players alike. 

Poco is a game in which players are expected to control a variety of little warriors, each with its own powers.

“BETA VERSION 1.0 OFFICIAL RELEASE,” said Poco in an all-caps Twitter announcement on November 11th. 


The post went on to confirm the main purpose of the beta was threefold. To guide players on how to:

Build the dream teams. 

Adjust the position of each character. 

Understand the character’s skills.

Poco has offered a concise, no frills guide to participating in the beta.

Following the beta release Poco further announced that they will now only accept Poco tokens in the Poco NFT marketplace. The company had previously accepted BUSD payments.

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What is Pocoland?

POCO is a new “play-to-earn” NFTs game based on Blockchain technology and the Binance Smart Chain network. POCO brings you into the new gaming world. Let’s immerse yourself in Pocoland when leading the powerful team with 5 Poco warriors owning different elements, defeat your enemies then collect the huge reward by POCO token on Binance Smart Chain and crosschain on Polygon. The POCO token can be purchased on exchanges like PancakeSwap, XT.COM, and Hotbit.

Where to find Pocoland:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord |

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