FatAnimal Finance – Merging NFTs and BaZi Chinese Astrology

The art-sci combination of NFTs and yield farming brings thousands of years of Asian wisdom into the modern day with the launch of gachapon and an NFT drop campaign.

Get Ready For FatAnimal Gachapon

FatAnimal Finance (FatAnimal) is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) creator on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). FatAnimal uniquely presents the ancient Chinese belief, the BaZi system (Four Pillars of Destiny) on their platform. They aim to maximize the BaZi system with NFTs that have real use cases utilizing the FAT token, and are holding a giveaway for their users.

It has already been confirmed that the 1st collection will come with 5 elements and 12 animals. So far, 8 animal designs have been revealed on Twitter. If you know about BaZi Chinese astrology, your yields will be improved thanks to a harmonized farming strategy system.

BaZi, the Engine Behind FatAnimal NFT Farming

Astrology is often on peoples’ minds; whether it be individuals that enjoy looking for their cause in life, or determining whether or not their wishes can come true. BaZi is the science of nature, encouraging that it is important to understand what nature has given you. With BaZi analysis, simply use your time and birthdate to understand your personality, passions, purpose, strengths, or weaknesses. 

BaZi was also believed to predict the pattern of nature, so you could prepare yourself and change it! Imagine knowing the proper year to start an investment for yourself, or knowing the right time to be married to the perfect partner.

All of these may sound strange to some of you, but they really existed in Asian culture a long time ago. Using blockchain technology, FatAnimal seeks to make this culture accessible around the globe!

Get Your Own FatAnimal NFTs From the Mystery Boxes 

Did you know that according to BaZi tradition, everyone is born with their guardian animals and five elements?

Now through the mystery box, you can own yours. All the animals are marketed as gachapon (mystery boxes). The user will get an animal card after spending their token for the gachapon. 

There are 6,800 boxes in the initial FatAnimal NFT collection. Each box retails for $14.99 and contains an animal or item card. The card has its Status, Name, Rarity, Self-Element, and Eating power. You can check everything on the My NFTs menu. On the My NFTs menu, Animal cards, item cards, and Lucky Sticks (the platform lottery) will all be displayed and will be available for you to use in the future NFTs Farm feature.

BaZi NFTs Farming, Marketplace, and More

FatAnimal has numerous plans to offer new features in the near future. They plan to open a marketplace and launch farming NFTs for this upcoming Halloween. For NFT-based platforms like FatAnimal, the market is truly important. Trading cards between holders might significantly enhance the value of NFTs and FAT tokens. 

As previously said, the BaZi system is FatAnimal’s engine and will have a significant impact on everything that happens on this platform. To illustrate, after you collect FatAnimal NFTs, you can use them for farming! FatAnimal enables you to earn FAT tokens by staking FatAnimal NFTs. Eating power represents the animal’s strength. They earn FAT tokens based on how much they eat – or how much is staked in other words. 

This is only one portion of their NFT farming, however. BaZi also helps the NFTs farm by rewarding those who understand BaZi concepts with more FAT tokens. For instance, combining harmonic animal groupings such as Pig, Rabbit, and Horse on an NFT farm can yield more FAT tokens than a single Pig or a Pig and Rabbit. 

All of these require users to set up their decks before farming and require them to trade synergy cards that suit them on the market. FatAnimal intends to develop a platform for BaZi analysis that analyses your BaZi power and provides life advice!

Be a Part of the FatAnimal NFTs Giveaway 

Monitor the FatAnimal media channel to prepare for the gachapon update as it will launch in the near future. FatAnimal is also launching its campaign on Twitter. FatAnimal will give free NFTs to 68 winners. The top 3 winners will get special NFTs. The remaining winners will be randomly chosen. 

Everyone can participate in this event by following their Twitter and completing a simple sign-up process that takes about 10 seconds to complete. 

The campaign starts now and ends on September 19th at 11.59 p.m. (GMT+8)

To learn more about FatAnimal Finance, visit the following links:

FatAnimal Giveaway

Source : bsc.news

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