DeRace Sets Launch Date for Binance NFT IGO

DeRace finally announces the date for the much-anticipated IGO with Binance NFT, becoming the first-ever GameFi project to launch on the Binance NFT Marketplace.

A Race To Remember 

DeRace has announced the date for its first Initial Gaming Offering (IGO) on the Binance NFT marketplace, putting an end to so much speculation.

The blockchain-based horse racing platform for both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has previously talked up the IGO event on several occasions, raising awareness and anticipation in the GameFi ecosystem. 

DeRace disclosed the date for the historical event on Medium and Twitter as September 23rd. The Non-fungible token (NFT) GameFi protocol also used its Medium to thank the famous YouTube marketer, Crypto FOMO, for sharing the news with a short video clip. 

“History in making: #DeRace and @TheBinanceNFT are launching the very first IGO. 23rd of September is the date to remember! Thank you @thecryptofomo for sharing the BIG news!” DeRace tweeted on 16th September. 


DeRace has been making some big moves in the NFT space, and the latest announcement is a clear indication of progress in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) market. The protocol offers stables comprising NFT horses, and the IGO will ensure that they are acquired by the Binance NFT community, reaching out to a larger audience. Crypto FOMO was quick to laud the event and the protocol in his podcast while breaking the IGO news. 

“I was really impressed with everything they’ve been up to, and just ever since they launched, they’ve just been building left, right, and center, and they’ve been gaining a lot of momentum,” Crypto FOMO said. 

How Will the IGO Work? 

DeRace stables will provide different horse tiers as follows: 

Tier 1: Olympian

Tier 2: Demi-god

Tier 3: Alfa

Tier 4:  Beta

Tier 5: Omega 

According to DeRace’s Medium, on 7th September, users will acquire NFT tickets on the Binance NFT marketplace during the IGO. These acquired NFT tickets will be used on DeRace stables for the chosen tier horse and will be exchanged for the DeRace NFT horse as soon as they are minted. 

“A part of the DeRace NFT horse sales will be carried out in 3 waves on Binance NFT Marketplace via the ticket system. You will be able to acquire NFT ticket to DeRace stables for the chosen tier horse,” the Medium published. 

Based on speculation, the Olympian horse tier NFT horses will be the rarest with the highest price. The prices reduce down the tiers. Read about DeRace’s horse tier system to learn more. The date is set, and we await a successful event. Congratulations to both protocols for coming together to make history on BSC. 


About DeRace 

DeRace is a blockchain-based NFT horse racing platform powered by the $DERC token. The NFT GameFi protocol allows users to buy and breed NFT horses, bet on real-time races, and host races to make a profit. The DERC token is currently available on both BSC and Ethereum, with staking only possible on Ethereum. The group has numerous capital and investment supporters, including AU 21 Capital, X21, CMS Holdings, and more. 

Where to find DeRace:

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