DODO Releases a “Dojo” Providing Users with Growing Educational Resources

Feature-rich Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and Proactive Market Maker (PMM), DODO, has released DOJO, a Github guide providing users with an increasing archive of educational resources. Users can now use these guides to understand some useful features when encountering them on the platform.

DOJO – A Growing Education Resources for DODO Users

These resource pages will steadily be developed with new top additions relevant to users and the exchanges. In a statement released via a tweet on June 8th, the team attempted to simplify DODO’s features and terms. The exchange platform captures some helpful Centralized Exchange (CEX) features without their drawdowns. The Decentralized Exchange (DEX) also incorporates features to provide more liquidity for the platform with tokens at or near the market price. This feature helps reduce the potential of Impermanent Loss (IL) of assets and low slippage made possible by its PMM abilities.

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Proactive Market Maker (PMM)

PMM is an improved version of the typical Automated Market Maker (AMM) version used by traditional DEX platforms. The distinguishing features of PMM over AMM have significantly been expounded in this project review. A PMM responds in real-time to liquidity constraints and changing markets.

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AMM looks primitive compared to PMM algorithmic market maker of DODO. PMM technology helps create on-chain and contract fillable liquidity for all users. The mechanism makes use of price oracles to do the following:

Collect correct  information about the price of an asset

Calculated the ideal market price

Sell the liquidity tokens for the quote tokens based on the curve display above.

This system will further decrease the available liquidity away from the market price, providing a much more efficient system than traditional Dex platforms like Uniswap. In this system, arbitrageurs are encouraged to ensure the cost of an asset matches that of the market price. The DOJO explains some of the complex systems adopted by the DODO exchange system, including crowd pooling and various innovative toolboxes implemented.


In January of this year, DODO added an extra layer of utility to its liquidity provision in its usual disruptive manner as it has done to previous market-making systems. The “Crowdpooling” approach emerged from two concepts: “Crowdfunding” and “Liquidity Pool.” It was initiated to solve the issue of available liquidity encountered by many decentralized exchanges during initial token offerings.

DODO Crowdpooling | Source

With crowdpooling, project owners can offer assets at a low cost and provide highly liquid capital pools. Inspired by the call auction mechanism used in securities markets, crowdpooling is protected from both front-running and bot interference and offers a guaranteed liquidity protection period so users can support projects they believe in comfortably.

The crowdpooling process is pretty straightforward. Initially, project owners set an initial offering price, duration of the campaign, and a soft cap on the number of tokens in the fundraising. Part of this amount is set aside for crowdfunding and part for providing ask-side liquidity in the pool.

If the campaign is oversubscribed and the funds raised exceed the soft cap, participants are rewarded with extra tokens proportionate to their shares of the pool at the initial price. This is in addition to the share of allocated tokens based on how much they have staked at the pre-set offering price. The ask-side liquidity remains in the pool for a pre-set period: ensuring guaranteed liquidity.

A Platform for Everyone

The DODO Dex platform was created with all types of market participants in mind, from the traders to the Liquidity Providers (LPs) and Pool creators. It does so with simplicity in mind, declustering the complex systems and making them look way simpler than initially thought. As an aggregator and a Dex, the platform offers efficient market-making strategies. Users can control execute their market-making strategies by adjusting parameters, including market mid-price, liquidity depth, and spread.

Dojo’s educational resources also provide expansion further into DODO features:

Transaction Mining: Get rewarded with DODO earn tokens for transacting in the platform; tokens are readily exchangeable.

DODO Vending Machine and Private Pool: The duo feature allows liquidity providers (LPs) to create and manage their market-making strategies and build liquidity markets with the pricing that suits their needs.

Combiner Harvesting: A program aimed at giving platform users exposure to promising projects willing to collaborate with DODO. Under this program, approved projects can create liquidity pools on DODO, and those who provide liquidity for these pools will earn DODO reward tokens and proof of membership tokens.

Proof of Membership tokens (vDODO): vDODO qualifies holders to share trading fees and other membership rewards and benefits.

About DODO 

DODO is a dual multichain platform available on both Ethereum and BSC networks. Owner of disruptive innovative mechanisms like PMM and Crowdpooling, two concepts that aim to solve the drawdowns experienced by other Dex platforms.

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With no minimum deposits and the ability to use single tokens, liquidity providers can stake tokens they already own without taking on price risk. The platform further provides a useful education resource that helps users navigate the DODO ecosystem without hassles.

To learn more about DODO, check out the following helpful links:

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