CrudeOil Finance Teases Their Upcoming Yield Optimizer Platform

CrudeOil Finance has developed a highly granular and in-depth yield farming tool which they are now gearing up to launch.

Yield Optimization is Around the Corner!

CrudeOil has recently revealed a host of new details about its next-generation yield aggregator and optimizer in what is a massive update for its community, and anyone interested in maximizing their farming gains. The BSC DeFi platform teased users with a pair of tweets on June 9th. First, advertising out to beta-testers, and secondly, showing a clip of the farming in action.

In their most detailed comments about the product rollout yet, the company also released their farming video on YouTube demonstrating some of the capabilities of the coming

Heads Down

In an April blog post CrudeOil explained that “The Yield Farm Optimizer” is a project which has consumed a great deal of thought, time, and energy from the team. In fact, they were noticeably quiet. CrudeOil was honest enough to concede that during the development process that the company had not engaged much with the community. 

This heavy work of completing the tool to the best of their abilities. CrudeOil further explained in their blog post that the optimizer in development is not a “forked” code or copied homework with a CrudeOil logo attached, but a freshly constructed tool built from scratch. 

As the team emphatically stated: “Some people even suggested that we should have simply forked an existing product like Beefy Finance and presented it like our own. Our response was, NO WAY IN HELL!!!” 

To create the optimizer the team set out a two-stage development process encapsulating the front-end design and the back-end smart contracts.  The team’s goal was to avoid one of the major issues that they found exists across optimizer products: user-interface that is spotty and unresponsive. 

The new front-end for CrudeOil’s optimizer has been built with feedback from the community, designed to give an optimal experience for complete ease of use. This direct response to feedback shows how the CrudeOil team values user input and seeks to build trust with their users. 

The optimizer vaults page

The front-end part of the process is now completed, with work having already begun on the back-end. As the company moves its attention from UI/UX to back-end development, the CrudeOil team has also released a roadmap to ensure the community is informed on the timeline for release.

CrudeOil’s roadmap

Concluding Thoughts

If the CrudeOil optimizer can live up to the hype, the yet-to-be-released tool could win over a significant number of users. With product launch expected for quarter 3 of 2021, interested parties will have to hold out just a little bit longer to see if the platform lives up to the hype. For those who can’t wait that long, the company is now hiring beta testers.

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