Binance Africa Announces Decentralized Africa Hackathon Winners On Binance Smart Chain

After a keen contest, six African projects stood out from the rest of the pack and won various sponsorship benefits and cash awards.

The Best Of The Best Emerge

The winners of Decentralized Africa – a hackathon organized by crypto giant Binance – have been announced. For 21 days, from June 7 – 28th 2021, Africa’s most promising blockchain developers came together and took turns to showcase their projects. In all, 20 projects competed for cash prizes and funding grants. In the final analysis, six projects stood out from the rest and were declared winners of the competition.

What Was The Aim Of The Hackathon? 

The hackathon focused on projects developing blockchain solutions on the Binance Smart Chain. Participating projects were expected to build Decentralized Finance (DeFi), and Non-fungible Token (NFT) projects that will tackle African problems. Identify management, election management, lending, etc., were some of the problem-areas unique to Africa that the projects were required to address. 

Who Are The Winners?


In a tweet on July 3rd, Binance Africa announced the winners in 3 categories. For each category, two projects were ranked 1st and 2nd, respectively. The categories and their winners are,

  1. African Hero

1st Place: QLipQLip is an ecosystem on which enables African content creators to create NFT collectibles. 

2nd Place: VhotaVhota is an innovative blockchain solution for analyzing election data.

Both QLip and Vhota went home with a prize of $5,000 each. 

  1. NFT & Gaming

1st Place: SmartBet revolutionizes gaming and betting using blockchain. 

2nd Place: Afen: Afen is an NFT ecosystem that aims to innovate NFT-based solutions for the arts, real estate, and education sectors

SmartBet and Afen won for themselves $2,500 each.

  1. DeFi

1st Place: is a stablecoin lending protocol that promises zero-interest borrowing.

2nd Place: HokkHokk is a memetoken peer-to-peer cryptocurrency. Hokk seeks to make remittances affordable for people in Africa’s developing economies.

The two projects each won a prize of $2,500.

Africa Is Better Because It

Africa is generally regarded as an emerging DeFi player as far as blockchain development is concerned. However, with initiatives such as the recently concluded Decentralized Africa Hackathon, Africa’s blockchain industry is going through a renaissance. Many promising blockchain startups such as Xend FinanceAfenBitPesaSun Exchange have started to dot the African landscape, applying blockchain to solve the continent’s unique challenges.

The Decentralized Africa Hackathon brought together 20 African blockchain startups. Six talented projects won various prizes in cash and sponsorship. The event is one of Binance’s many efforts to grow Africa’s blockchain industry and proved to be a success.

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