Decubate – Increasing Blockchain Adoption One Startup at a Time

The platform invests in existing startups in order to help them transition to Web 3.0 activities.

Introducing Decubate

Decubate is a community-powered investment platform which seeks to appeal to traditional companies, persuading them to leverage blockchain technology for the benefit of all participants. Decubate provides a bridge which allows highly-vetted startups to unlock the financial and promotional capital of Web 3.0, and opens a door which will allow the $3T global startup economy to move on-chain.

The mission of Decubate is to tokenize traditional assets, providing the necessary support and guidance which projects require to come onboard, growing the blockchain sector and speeding up adoption. 

Now the Decubate platform is gearing up towards its highly-anticipated IDO event which will take place on July 6th on three platforms: BSCPadTronPad and PAID Network. Following the launch event users will be able to purchase DCB on PancakeSwap and JustSwap.

The Decubate Logo

Key Features

Cross-Chain Interoperability

Decubate is blockchain-agnostic. It can be used with multiple different blockchains, sharing information across networks. This allows Decubate clients to summon the power of multiple networks and turbo-charge their fundraising appeal.


 Blockchain and smart vesting have not always gone hand in hand. Decubate will adopt next generation smart vesting strategies which will offer a range of options that are fair and realistic for all participants.

Fair Allocation

Decubate believes in fairness and decentralization. Allocations will be carefully managed between the innovator and investor to make sure all players have the opportunity to receive a share.

Incubating Strategy 

Project incubation will adopt an outwards-looking strategy rather than focusing solely on existing blockchain incubators. Decubate is committed to bringing more players into the cryptosphere.

Community-Driven Governance

Driven by the community for the community. Fees will be distributed back to community members, and key decisions will be taken by community members. Decubate is steeped in the blockchain culture and decentralization, meaning the community will decide.

Reputation Mechanics

Users are able to gain reputation on the platform. The higher the reputation, the more rewarding Decubate becomes. Gain reputation by giving feedback, auditing projects, providing liquidity, or pledging other resources including time and expertise. Be rewarded in both prestige and tokens. 

Tokenized Assets

At the heart of Decubate will be the drive to tokenize assets.

Contract Configuration

Making it easy for non-technical minds to create smart contracts. Innovators decide, Decubate builds. Simple.

Effortless Staking and Pooling

Community members and token holders will find it easy to stake and pool their tokens, receiving rewards for doing so.


Sometimes also referred to as “self custody”, non-custodial means users remain in control of their own assets through decentralization. No one holds user funds but themselves.

What Makes Decubate Unique?

Decubate takes the view that other other launchpads and pools are not competitors. The company instead prefers to see them as potential partners. Decubate aims to find and incubate traditional startups by bringing them into the blockchain fold. It is the community which gets the final say on which projects Decubate incubates. Anyone can propose an incubation plan for community consideration.

The company places a strong focus on community rewards and community decision-making. Further evidence of its strong community focus comes in the form of its reputation management system which offers larger token allocations for the most involved community members. The more you benefit Decubate, the more Decubate benefits you.

The company has a fully upfront, public facing team, so the community and the projects who work with Decubate know exactly who they are dealing with. Between them, the highly talented group of people working on project Decubate have decades of experience working on blockchain projects, startups, software development and marketing.

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