Voice AMA with Moverse recap

Voice AMA with Moverse

AMA with Moverse

Moverse is a web 3.0 fitness and social lifestyle app allowing everyone to not only get healthy but to have fun and earn as well. The team’s goal is to make everyone socialize, engage, and act in a way it makes the environment and people healthy. Moverse is the metaverse dedicated to building a world where its all about health is wealth. Besides making everyone fit, the goal is to make people familiar with web 3.0 for a healthy and wealthy future.


Mr. Faith Toprak – Digital Marketing Lead

Moverse’s Links:

Website: moverse.run/

Telegram: t.me/moversediscussion

Twitter: twitter.com/MoverseRun

BSCDaily’s Links:

Website: coinwire.com

Telegram: t.me/bsc_daily

Twitter: twitter.com/bsc_daily

Source : Coinwire

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