Dapp Battles: A Recap of Each Round of BoD 3.0

A recap of each round of Battle of the Dapps 3.0.

An Epic BSC News Event

BSC News held its third iteration of Battle of the Dapps over the last few weeks in August. In the event, a selection of 9 BNB Chain projects competes in a question-based tournament to be crowned King of the Dapps. The winner of Battle of the Dapps 3.0 was security solutions provider EverRise, but the competition was stronger than ever before.

Let’s take a look at how each round went down!

Round 1: Group A

In Group A, GMR, Floki, and Hypermine squared off. Floki shared how they were building out real-world charity initiatives and their desire to shed the “meme” designation. Hypermine gave some insight into how they could build off of the success of previous Growth DeFi projects as well as their community outreach plans. GMR explained their distinctions from traditional GameFi, discussing at length how their infrastructure supports developers and community instead of questionable tokenomics.

While Floki won the popular vote, the BSC News judges both awarded their votes to GMR, sending them to the final round. Both judges explained that GMR’s unique approach to improving GameFi in a sustainable manner gave them the edge.

Round 2: Group B

In Group B, the audience saw Infinity Skies, DG Pals, and eventual winner EverRise square off. Infinity Skies discussed its efforts to disrupt the traditional gaming industry through user-owned assets. DG Pals detailed how it approached NFTs as a form of introduction to the utilities of Web3. EverRise discussed its approach to diversifying across multiple chains and why it benefitted investors.

EverRise handily grabbed the popular vote, which was the key catalyst to their advancement to the finals. The BSC News judges split their votes between DG Pals and EverRise, with both judges noting how difficult of a choice it was for them.

Round 3: Group C

Group C saw Mogul Productions, X-World Games (XWG), and TEN Finance competing for the last spot in the finals. Mogul discussed how community-driven film and television productions allowed for widespread creative input, all made possible with Web3. XWG noted that its focus was on building a platform where users would enjoy the games offered rather than just playing to earn. TEN explained its goal of making DeFi accessible and intuitive for new users, simplifying an oft-complex process.

XWG was able to claim the public vote, indicating the strength of their community. Both BSC News judges voted for TEN, citing the impressive quality of each answer from the TEN representative.

The Final Round

The final round pitted GMR, EverRise, and TEN in a battle for the crown. GMR discussed how they were building a GameFi platform that eschewed PlayToEarn mechanics. EverRise explained why they chose to focus on certain aspects of security over pigeonholing the project. Finally, TEN gave insight into how the project would adapt to future technological developments.

EverRise was able to win the popular vote once again. However, this time, the BSC News judges’ votes were slightly different; one selected EverRise while the other voted for all three projects as EverRise had already claimed victory.

Source : bsc.news

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