Poco Announces First Official NFT Offering on Babylons Marketplace

Poco reminds us there’s more than one crucial minting happening today as they become the very first NFT offering on Babylons Marketplace.

Poco Readies Mint Offering

Users will have the opportunity to mint Poco Non-fungible Token (NFTs) before the official INO due to take place on Babylons Marketplace. 

Babylons took to Twitter to announce that Poco will form their first NFT offering, which will take place on October 10th. 

“BIG NEWS: Super excited to announce the 1st Initial #NFT Offering (#INO) on Babylons #NFTMarketplace @PocoNFTsGame.“ Babylons also alluded to the fact that users would be able to mint ahead of time, “October 7th: Minting NFT Release which can help to own rare and epic pocos. October 10th: Babylons INO! Stay Tuned for More Details. ”


During a day where NFT sales have dominated the crypto headlines with PancakeSwap’s own release, Poco was not about to be forgotten. 

The team has exclusively confirmed to BSC News that the NFTs will go on to enjoy extensive utility in PocoLand, the gaming experience they are set to unveil. 

“The elements that make up a Poco offer great customization in the power of Pocos or a squad in Play Mode. Players are allowed to be creative in fus [sic], arranging teams and pricing their Pocos on the NFT Marketplace,” the team’s whitepaper explains.

What About the Game?

The team has already attracted an extensive following of nearly 200,000 on Twitter. This attention may partially be due to what they offer. 

Poco explains that there are different ways to attain rewards from Pocoland, from staking to completing daily in-game quests and even participating in battles where winners receive rewards. 


What is perhaps attracting users is the seamless bridging of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) services to the world of gaming. Of course, the question remains, why would you want to stake on Poco ahead of other services. The team explains that through staking, users can acquire the native token POCOX, which allows the ability to mint ‘extremely rare Poco warriors.’ 

The rarity of the warriors in question will have users’ ears prickling as many begin to wonder how the NFTs will perform. This does, of course, remain to be seen, and as ever, we urge caution with trading. 


There is likely to be a race to mint the actual NFTs, but many onlookers may initially be unsettled by the admitted vagueness of the minting process. We are paying close attention to developments to relay instructions on the minting process and how it performs. 

What is Pocoland:

POCO is a new “play-to-earn” NFTs game based on Blockchain technology and Binance Smart Chain network. POCO brings you into the new gaming world. Let’s immerse yourself in Pocoland when leading the powerful team with 5 Poco warriors owning different elements, defeat your enemies then collect the huge reward by POCO token on Binance Smart Chain and crosschain on Polygon. The POCO token can be purchased on exchanges like PancakeSwap, XT.COM, and Hotbit.

Where to find Pocoland:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord |

Source : bsc.news

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