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Felix J: Depending on which time zone you are in, good morning afternoon evening everyone!!!

BSCDaily Admin: Oh hey welcome Felix to our humble bsc_daily community

Thank you for the instantly warm welcome! How are you doing?

Felix J: Yeah just brewed myself a cup of coffee coz it’s late at night for me, I am in Tokyo right now!

BSCDaily Admin: Oh wow, are you traveling around the globe for business purposes or just for fun?

Felix J: Haha I’ve been in Tokyo since uni years. My parents are Chinese and I was raised in both Singapore and Japan.

So native in English, Chinese and Japanese. So later on I can entertain questions in all three languages hahas

BSCDaily Admin: I always have this dumb question, sorry if I may delay the AMA, but when you think, what language do you think in?

Felix J: Haha when one is native, you code-switch all the time depending on necessity. I’ve dreamt in all three languages

In fact that’s the key to mastering languages. You must form a direct connection between objects, concepts and the target word in the target language

Yeah I am a linguistics nerd so don’t get me started on that. I can go on foreva~

BSCDaily Admin: Well actually Felix, we’re here to talk about this amazing project Monster Battle, not your linguistic skill. Are you familiar with this?

Felix J: Oh Monster Battle, sounds familiar.

Just joking! Yeah of course I do, I am CMO at Monster Battle

BSCDaily Admin: Ok joke aside, are you ready for the Monster Battle AMA?

Felix J: Yep! (SERIOUS FACE)

Q1: What is Monster Battle all about? Give us a little summary.

Felix J: Okay so  Monster Battle is a Hearthstone-inspired TCG style GameFi project, aiming to provide users with both an exciting game experience (by inheriting the delicate, intricate complexities in Hearthstone’s game mechanics ) and means to monetize their gaming talents and finesse.

Apart from Gamefi, we are also dedicated in building other key components of technological infrastructure essential in realizing a true metaverse, including DAO and Defi.

We have listed on Pancake Swap, CMC and CG, and are currently in talks with top-tier CEXes.

We have just launched our game, starting off with Daily Training which is a single card auto-combat game mode.

BSCDaily Admin: Oh, Single card auto-combat? So do people need to pay anything to play?

Felix J: Good question very straight to the point huh! We have incorporated Defi elements so if you stake stablecoins you can get keys to unlock blind boxes to get NFT game cards to play

Of course since you get it for free, the card drop possibilities might not be that favourable.

So short answer no you can play for free.

BSCDaily Admin: Alright thank you, just trying to get as much info about the game as possible for the people to know 

Felix J: That is really important. It makes your AMA stand out. User-oriented AMA!

Q2: Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your team? What are your past experiences?

Felix J: So I will introduce myself to everyone again.

Greetings everyone, I am Felix, CMO at Monster Battle. I oversee marketing, bd, financing, community management and content localization (English & Japanese).

A little bit more background on myself. I was raised in Singapore and Japan, and I am effectively native in English, Japanese and Chinese 

I did some new business-related consulting with Deloitte China and some boutique Japanese consulting firms before joining this project, though I have had BD and translation experience in crypto since university years.

My first experience with crypto is when I interned in a crypto-related start-up in my university years, because blockchain was a little buzzing and I am always on the lookout for new stuff!

I have had BD (Exchange), translation (Exchange, Projects), marketing (NFT Project), community management (NFT Project) experience across a variety of projects before joining MB as CMO.

As for the team, they come from mainly Singapore, Japan and China, and all have extensive experience in crypto as well as other industries (XR, VR, AI etc.) before joining the project. We are trying to make the team more global and one of our focus will be to recruit talents globally, even now for example we are already in talks with a UK designer and someone from Vietnam for the role of BD manager.

We have to expand the team soon, I am drowning in work everyday SOS.

dOnE (to indicate I am about to drown orz)

BSCDaily Admin: Yeah it seems like you are  oversee everything from marketing to financing. But yeah, becoming global I guess is just sooner or later for Monster Battle.

Q3: Why did you and your team decide to build Monster Battle – a NFT card game? What does Monster Battle have that distinct itself from other NFT Card Games?

Felix J: In fact this is our second endeavor, our first endeavor is Toy Wars which received mediocre success but eventually terminated because we chose EOS and traffic was too limited on EOS.

So we learned from that failure, researched on the chains available out there, and out of popularity and gas fees considerations and lack of TCGs on BSC, we chose BSC and started MB to be the first TCG GameFi on BSC!

This is our competitive analysis and you can see how we are differentiating ourselves.

BSCDaily Admin: Yeah I mean, I’m playing a TCG too on IMX, don’t want to call its name, but it’s… chained. And the fees in IMX are just too high for me to withdraw. I have not researched any TCG on BSC but I think Monster Battle is worth the shot (for me at least).

Q4: Let’s dive into your tokens $MBS and $Key and $Monster Crystal. Can you share with us your tokenomics? And what are some of its use cases?

Felix J: Yeah most of the data is on-chain right now because we want to embrace the spirit of web3.0 but the increase in popularity and hence content development is quicker than we expected so we’ll move some data off-chain to make it more affordable in terms of gas fees.

As for tokenomics, we have made it all transparent and you can view it here

And for use cases of MBS, our in-game currency, currently you can use them to 1. open MBS blind boxes to get NFT game cards, 2. trade for NFTs in the official marketplace (in the future), 3. stake them to get keys to open free Key Blind Boxes, 4. Stake them in the DAO-managed token pool (in the future) and 5. Serve as ticket to future content

In fact if you have more than 10000 MBS, you can get verified on our Discord as a HODLER to unlock the FOR HODLER section for more dedicated support from the admins and the team!

BSCDaily Admin: Do you want to share with the people how to get blind boxes as of right now?

Felix J: Glad you asked, so here are a few ways!

1. Stake MBS, BUSD or provide LP for MBS – BUSD pool to farm keys to open Key Blind Boxes.

2. Use MBS to purchase MBS Blind Boxes

3. Use BNB to purchase BNB Blind Boxes (Special Edition Boxes, time limited, not available all the time)

4. (Not blind box but nft cards) Get them on marketplaces such as Tofu, Babylons and Treasureland.

BSCDaily Admin: Sweet!

Felix J: Please allow me to point out that blind box sales are halted because we had to deal with sneaky bots that spam gas to know the rarity of cards (it’s all on chain previously) and only accept transactions resulting in rare cards. We are revamping the system to stymie such dishonest acts and we will restart blind box sales after 1 – 2 days.

BSCDaily Admin: Kudos for being transparent to the community

Felix J: Yeah we are

We first disseminated this piece of info to our HODLERs hahas.

And we constantly listen to the voice of community and did things like reimburse over costly gas fees

Q5: Does $MBS get audited? And where can we buy it?

Felix J: Yes of course, we are audited by Solid Group, the report is here:

Here is the link to get MBS on PCS!

We are at a very low point right now because buying pressure is lacking because we have stopped blind box sales, but now is the perfect timing to get onboard, expect prices to skyrocket when we reopen blind box sales!

We are also talking to other top tier CEXes (Starting with K, G and M) and DEXes (BabySwap, ApeSwap, etc.)

Q6: What can we expect in the next 3 months and in 2022 as a whole?

Felix J: Of course game development is top priority. So after Daily Training we will roll out Tower of Death (Multi-Card Auto Combat, Infinite Levels, Infinite Rewards) and manual mode

This is top priority. And we are making a proprietary wallet as well to reduce onboarding cost for new users

This is our at a glance roadmap

BSCDaily Admin: I mean TCGs are all about that competitiveness, and I have to know: Will Monster Battle meet the expectations of a TCGs’ lover?

Felix J: Yeah we are very product-oriented so we launched the game just two weeks after our listing, this is quite rare for GameFis I’d proudly say!

Yes, and to get the best of both worlds we will have both auto mode and manual mode!

Q7: Where can we find out more about Monster Battle?

Felix J: Haha you want the links

BSCDaily Admin: Of course I do!

Felix J: We aggregated everything here!

BSCDaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Monster Battle 

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Felix J: Yes absolutely. I know I shared a lot of info but we prepared an easy-to-understand poster for everyone, as well as some ROI calculations, and it gives me great pleasure to unveil them here, even before we fire them on Twitter!

And our links are all here!

It is really a golden opportunity to get some $MBS because it is at the lowest point and probably there won’t be a second chance, because we have stopped blind box sales to stop botters!

You can get them here :

And we will restart blind box sales 1 -2 days later

BSCDaily Admin: This is a treat! Thank you Felix for this “classified” information. On behalf of the bsc_daily community, I wish you and Monster Battle a happy new year and good luck on the road ahead.

Felix J: Yeah this is all from me! Thanks for having me and asking those clarifying questions on behalf of the community.

You really do care about the community innit!

BSCDaily Admin: Well I do care about having as much info as I can have, people are counting on this AMA to more about the projects.

Thanks for being here.

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