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BSCDaily Admin: Welcome everyone to our AMA. Today we welcome the Team from Depocket Nabi and Himitsuko.

Good day you guys! How are you?

Nabi: Yeah, we’re all good, really honored to be here and create a good AMA with you guys.

BSCDaily Admin: And how about you Himitsuko?

Himitsuko: Hi, I’m good.

Ready to answer any questions from all members today!

BSCDaily Admin: Alright! In today’s AMA, you will understand more about the DePocket – a convenient platform to invest and manage your portfolio!

Ready to dive in the AMA?

Nabi: I’m ready.

BSCDaily Admin: Lovely to hear! Himitsuko you too?

Himitsuko: Yes, I’m ready too. Let’s go!

Q1: Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your team? Are you public and how many experienced members are there in the DePocket team?

Nabi: Sure, Thank you for this first question, it give me opportunity to introduce about my team.

We have 4 main member in leading team:

Hoang Le (CEO): INDUSTRY-LEADING PROFESSIONAL IN THE ICT industry, specializing in IT with  7+ years in R&D related to Blockchain.

Nabi Klover (CMO): 8+ years in Digital Marketing & Cryptocurrency; Former Havas Global Agent, My Defi Pet.

Tuan Hoang (CTO): 5+ years experience in blockchain and software engineering

Huong Phung (CBO): Business development at KAOPIZ Corp. 7+ R&D experience in Blockchain

And 7 members in Dev’s team, 5 members in Marketing team.

BSCDaily Admin: The team seems terrific! And what about Himitsuko?

Nabi: Himitsuko is our CTO (Tuan Hoang). He used to work for top 1 Fintech company in Japan 

BSCDaily Admin: Ah I see, a fan of Japanese culture I suppose. I’m impressed!

I mean you personally have more than 8 years in the cryptocurrency market, that dates back to 2012-2013 when everything is relatively new.

Nabi: To avoid misunderstood, I need to explain something here, 8 years in Digital marketing “&” cryptocurrency -> It should divide like: 8 years in Digital marketing & 4 years in cryptocurrency (since 2017).

BSCDaily Admin: Impressive enough, 4 years in a field is still considered a “pro” to me.

Q2: Let’s dive into your tokens $DEPO. Can you share with us your tokenomics? And what are some of the $DEPO use cases?

Himitsuko: Sure, about tokenomics we will explain as following:

The DEPO Token (DEPO) is DePocket platform’s utility token, has the following purposes:

Feature unlock: DePocket shall provide most of the free-of-charge functions to all users. However, some premium functions are only offered to DEPO holders. This drives the purchase and maintenance of the long-term token DEPO.  Example: Token price notification, impermanent loss notification, PNL in the pass.

Governance: DEPO holders may join the decision-making on platform functions such as which DeFi apps are supported by the voting tool.

Staking and Liquidity Reward: DEPO holders may lock their tokens or become liquidity providers on decentralized platforms such as Pancakeswap or Bakeryswap to earn more DEPO tokens.


– The fees for the web3 API. Developers need to pay in DEPO token for each API call when using DePocket’s on-chain API. They need to charge DEPO to use that API

– The performance fees for the Auto farming feature. The fees will be distributed to our DEPO holders to help them earn more.

And 20% of fees are used to perform market buy-backs and these DEPO are burnt out of supply forever.

This effectively reduces token supply over time, increasing the value of the DEPO token over the long-term.

Furthermore, you can check about the current token distribution step at there:

BSCDaily Amin: Thank you Himitsuko for such a detailed answer.

Q3: Can you please briefly explain about the DePocket app to new users?

Nabi: Thanks for your question.

At DePocket we aims to bring “The World of DeFi In your Pocket”.

At first, DePocket platforms have a highly scalable on-chain data index engine.

That aggregate the on-chain data to help you easily manage your Defi assets.

Next, you can swap your tokens with the DEX Aggregator feature, which helps you choose the cheapest DEX router.

Furthermore, you are also able to optimally invest with our save and earning feature in the next few years.

For easy visualization, kindly refer this video:

Himitsuko: Instead of switching between several DEX to swap or staking your token, you will be able to do all these things in one stop, which also saves your time and brings you the smart and clear interface.

BSCDaily Admin: Oh alright, I’m not an expert in this field but DePocket sounds like what me and similar beginners in this market need.

An “all in one” Exchange if I may! Brilliant.

Shall we go to the next question?

Himitsuko: Yes, we are trying to optimize the UX to help the newbie user have a simple and safe way to invest in the DeFi.

Yes, let’s go to the next.

Q4: So what’s the problem that your project saw that wasn’t being solved by another? And can you tell us some innovative features of DePocket and its value for users?

Nabi: That’s a great question!

We are driving into blockchain with the “Bring the Defi world to the real world” mission.

The World of DeFi In your Pocket – This is our slogan.

We are making DePocket one of the most unique & potential projects in the market.

We will help users easily manage and optimally invest across many DeFi platforms from just one place. (now user have to login to various platforms like Pancake, Bakery,… to manage their staking/farming portfolio -> with DePocket, they can do it all in our app)

We have an inhouse indexing engine with a high scalability. You can imagine that it is likely the google for the data on the blockchain.

It helps their user organize their data on blockchain. Visualize it on the UI to help them manage their funds.

Furthermore, we are also developing an auto farming feature to help our users have more and more utilities to optimal their investment.

I think it is the innovative way on DePocket.

BSCDaily Admin: Sorry for this, but “google for the data on the blockchain”, so it’s like bscscan but with multiple functions?

Just a small question to clarify something if you don’t mind

Himitsuko: Oh, I’m so excited about you, It’s right

BSCDaily Admin: Thank you for that, I’m excited about DePocket too 

Q5: Can you tell us what your main features are? So it will help us understand more about your app?

Himitsuko: Of course, I will explain each point, hopefully it might be easier to understand.

OnChain Index Engine:

– Aggregate the on-chain data from many dApps, organization that data to provide the onchain API to others web3 apps. You can call it as web3 API.

– At this time, the API’s data is also used in the DePocket dashboard.


– Manage portfolio; Real-time PNL, Cash Flow Chart, Balance Tracking, Manage NFTs assets, Price fluctuation alert.

– Mobile apps for the dashboard will be released next month.

Multi-wallet management:

Tracking any wallet without password, across devices synchronize;

Add and manage multi-wallet, watch/unwatch specific wallet.

Tracking tokens with custom token feature.

Swap integration (DEX Aggregator):

Help DEPO users select the cheapest route on many DEX, with the lowest gas fees. You can imagine it like the swap feature on metamask but have an optimal solution

Investment operation on multi-platform

– Help our users make safe decisions with APY/APR ranking.

– Easily to invest in many dApps with the autofarming feature on the DePocket App.

Saving operations on multiple platforms:

– Help you auto-invest on many Landing protocol to earn the best interest

– Stake $DEPO or $DEPO/$BUSD to earn $DEPO reward

More and more features will come based on the feedback from our DEPO holders and our users.

Such as Onchain API for developers, Onchain Analytics also listed on our roadmap.

You guys can view the more details at:

BSCDaily Admin: Well constructed answers. Anything you want to add before we move on to the next question?

Himitsuko: To easily understand, you can have a look at our video in this link:

That’s all about the main feature. Let’s move to the next one.

Q6: But can you explain “The World of DeFi In Your Pocket” in detail?

Nabi: I think that we join too many Defi platforms recently, right?

So, it takes time for users to connect & manage their funds.

With the DePocket App, users can manage their funds on BSC chains such as Pancake, Alpaca… or SOL chain, ETH,… soon.

-> All in one place and super convenient.

We now support multi-chain & multi-wallet, try it once and you guys will love it 

NEAR protocol will be supported next month as well

(NEAR & DePocket to the moon )

BSCDaily Admin: To the moon 

Q7: Can you share with us about your plan in the future? More features will be added, but what else?

Nabi: DePocket’s goal is to become an all-inclusive, all-in-one, one-stop-shop DeFi, GameFi and Crypto asset management & tracking solution.

Not only GameFi, with our business model, I think that we have more room to play “As DeFi Grows – DePocket Evolves”

Have too many pain points here. But we will try our best to bring the best solution to all DePocketers.

To pursue this goal, we will constantly update our software (luckily, we’re from a software company with +8 years old), reaching and extending our partnership and collaborations.

Q8: All really interesting! The last thing, to help our community understand clearly about DePocket, can you show me how your app works?

Nabi: Of course.

You can choose any wallet address

1. Only by a simple way – copy the wallet address

2. Go to our app:

=> paste it on searching bar, and  HERE IT IS, our dashboard will show the balance of this wallet.

It will show the balance of your staking on AMM DEX such as Pancake, Bakery,…as well. And if you have multi-wallet -> no problem, paste it on the “manage address”, our app will show the balance as well.

If you have any questions when using the app, don’t hesitate to ask us.

BSCDaily Admin: That’s real easy to use.

Nabi: It’s really simple, you can even spy on your friend’s wallet! Just for fun! But it’s work! haha (I use it to spy Himitsuko Balance )

BSCDaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with DePocket 

Thank you Nabi and Himitsuko for being here with the bsc_daily community. We wish you the best!

Himitsuko: Thank you for your host and thank you all for our time today!

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