Meet the Dino Runner Fan Token – Community driven token $DRFT

nspired by the cute 8bit dino running every time browsers lose Internet connection, a development team of all girls introduces a DeFi project called Dino Runner Fan Token ($DRFT).


The first DeFi token founded and deployed by a team of girls, Dino Running starts to get its attention not only for the founders but also for its eye-catching collectibles NFTs. 

The first AMA session is set to be live on BSC Daily at 9AM UTC May 24th, 2021. Prize pool comes along with the value of 100 BUSD. 

The presale starts on May 26th at 16:00 UTC. The presale will be launched on DXSale and LP locked will happen after the presale. 


First and foremost, they’re planning a large promotion that will feature renowned Twitter influencers, YouTube and TikTok channels, and, of course, a gigantic NFT collection! They’re also eagerly anticipating the launch of the Binance NFT Marketplace and want to integrate their NFT tracker with the Bakery and Treasureland markets.

The future of Dino Running is wrapped in 5 steps which will gradually take it to the moon as the founders team promise. 

Step 1:

– Website release

– Whitepaper release

Step 2:

– Poocoin ads

– BSC Daily promotions

– NFT & BNB airdrop 

Step 3:

– BSC Daily AMA

– Twitter promotions

– Coinhunt listing 

Step 4:

– Presale

– Reddit promotions

– Pancake listing 

– Ownership renouncement

– CoinGecko listing request 

Step 5:

– BCS Daily promotions

– NFT airdrop for holders

– NFT airdrop for max buy

Project Tokenomics

Ticker: DRFT 

Total supply: 40.000.000

Network: BCS

Coin name: Dino Runner Fan Token

Hard cap: 700 BNB

Soft cap: 150 BNB

Max buy: 3 BNB

Min buy: 0.1 BNB

Any sale incurs a 10% charge, of which 2% is allocated to all coin holders, 4% is locked into Pancake LP in perpetuity, and the other 4% is burnt. There are a total of 40,000,000 available. Almost half of the stock would be deposited to the DXSale presale deal, and the remainder would be burnt directly, leaving their team with no tokens.

Dino Runner NFT collectibles

The Dino Runner team also introduces unique collectibles NFTs of the 8bit Dino. Those can be obtained via competitions hosted by the development team. Some would be airdropped for promo, some for carrying, and others for purchasing the maximum value on presale. For carrying and purchasing max amount the team will airdrop Special Edition NFTs with 8bit music.

Source : bscdaily

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