“The Lost Throne” Open Beta Festival Is Happening! Join NOW To Get Awesome Rewards!

The Lost Throne is a newly launched Binance Smart Chain-based NFT P2E trading card game that allows gamers to earn money and have fun at the same time. You can trade and earn money in the game. In addition, gamers can also collect, build, fight, and trade. This game is one of the highly compatible NFT games, thanks to the tireless work of the development team. The cards in this game are used based on a token system, NFT, and a combination of SDKs that make it accessible to external developers and facilitate the design of unlimited applications on communication.

After a period of experiencing the limited Alpha test version of The Lost Throne, the Free-to-Earn game on the Binance Smart Chain platform is receiving extremely positive feedback from the online community. Since then, Shiva Gaming has decided to continue to launch the Beta test version (Open Beta Festival) with unlimited participants to ensure that as many gamers as possible can experience this Free-to-Earn game.

I. Information about Open Beta Festival

 Time: 12:00 UTC, Jan 20th, 2022 — 12:00 UTC, Feb 20th, 2022 (one month)

 Prize: 1 million $DD and numerous Mystery NFT Boxes

II. Prize Pool

For this open beta festival, we have prepared three prize pools for all the participants, totaling 1 million $DD tokens (in-game currency), and numerous mystery NFT boxes (to be determined). The three prize pools are Participation Pool, Ranked Pool, and Bug Bounty Pool.

1. Participation Pool

60% of the total #DD allocation is to be shared among the eligible participants who have played at least one PvP game (Casual or Rank mode). The reward is closely tied to the player’s overall engagement and performance, which will be calculated based on an algorithm with key metrics such as gaming hours, number of games played, MMR (Matchmaking Rating), etc.,

2. Ranked Pool

The ranked pools are to be allocated to players who show excellent skills and have climbed the Ranked Game Ladder with outstanding gaming performance.

The top 10 players with the highest MMR in Ranked Mode share 10% of the total $DD allocation and mystery NFT boxes.

The top #11 — #200 players in Ranked Mode share 20% of the total $DD allocation and mystery NFT boxes.

3. Bug Bounty Pool

During the open beta testing, players are encouraged to submit bugs and be compensated with bounty rewards. The bug bounty pool gets 10% of the remaining $DD allocation and mystery NFT boxes.

For bug submitting, please fill out this form: forms.gle/6VQB86tep3TxMAhV8

* Notes:

➢ Rewards will be distributed to your BSC wallet within 14 business days. (please check the BSC wallet you used to play the game).

➢ All the NFTs and Tokens used in the open beta testing are test NFTs and Tokens. After the open beta festival is closed, all the in-game stats will be erased. However, the rewards are all real NFTs and Tokens which will be distributed to users’ wallets.

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III. How to participate Open Beta Festival

To be able to experience the Beta version, you can register to participate now (only for Android users). There are a few steps required for your actions before you can start playing the game:

Step 1: Download Liberty-Land APK

(Liberty Land is the game publisher of TLT)

➤ Download LL Android APK: beta.libertyland.finance/loadH5/

➤ More Detailed Guide: docs.libertyland.finance/get-started/download-ll-app-beta

Step 2: Create/Import a BSC wallet

The Lost Throne is deployed on the Binance Smart Chain. For the beta testing, we are using the TEST BSC NETWORK.

➤ Guide on how to create a BSC wallet in LL App: docs.libertyland.finance/get-started/wallet/create-a-new-wallet

➤ Guide on how to import a BSC wallet in LL App: docs.libertyland.finance/get-started/wallet/import-an-existing-wallet

Step 3: Generate a L-Key

(L-Key is the login token every player is required to acquire in order to start playing the game)

To generate an L-Key, you need to:

➤ Deposit CP and USDT tokens to receive CP-USDT LP tokens: Step-by-Step Tutorial: docs.libertyland.finance/get-started/l-key/add-liquidity

➤ Generate L-Key with CP-USDT LP tokens: Step-by-Step Tutorial: docs.libertyland.finance/get-started/l-key/generate-l-key

Step 4: Download TLT

➤ Download: Android APK: lland-production.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/apk/shiva.apk

➤ Download: Windows Version: lland-production.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/apk/shiva_220118_00.7z

➤ Download From LL App, see Tutorial: medium.com/@TheLostThrone/tlt-open-beta-participation-tutorial-5e1b67d78a25

Step 5: Log in with L-Key

After installing the game and acquiring the L-key, you can finally log in to the game. 

➤ Detailed tutorial on this step: docs.libertyland.finance/get-started/login-with-l-key

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IV. Gameplay mechanics

In this virtual game world, the player plays the role of a Supreme Commander, and the cards act as generals or soldiers, loyally serving the players. The players will have in this game a deck of 50-80 cards divided into three groups on an interwoven battlefield interface. Players use cards to attack each other on the battlefield and ultimately win. Initially, players start playing by using their cards and choosing the technological lines of their choice. Each player uses their card against their opponent, where each card includes different effects, attacks, cost of consumption and technology requirements, and more. During this battle phase, both players take action and each attack uses an actionable card. The match will continue until one of both players wins.

Play-2-earn: This P2E trading card game will help gamers earn crypto if they have good card skills and play games regularly. Players will also have rewards for completing daily tasks (DD tokens). The winner of the PvP battle is also rewarded with DD tokens. This clever strategy will increase the appeal for gamers and benefit them from earning money.

V. Tokenomics of “The Lost Throne”

This game has 2 tokens: Crystal Powder (CP), Dream Dust (DD).

Crystal Powder (CP)

The CP Token, which is a governance token, includes proof of game holding and game. It allows players to manage the TLT ecosystem through voting and receive 100% of the in-game fee income and public resource output after holding their CP.

Throne Treasury70%        175,000,000– Unlocked over 4 years- Issuance begins 1 month after the token generation event.
Private Sale3%            7,500,000Locked for 3 months, followed by 30% release, then10% monthly release for the later 7 months, vesting for 10 months in total
Public Sale4%          10,000,000Unlocked
Liquidity Pool1.00%            2,500,000Locked
Marketing12.00%          30,000,000300,000 available immediately, followed by linear release over 2 years
Team&Advisors10%          25,000,000Locked for 6 months, followed by linear release over 2 years

Dream Dust (DD)

Dream Dust is the currency of The Lost Throne, which players can earn by winning games. DD can be used to create new cards and facilitate the opening of new cards.

With the above article, we hope you have had useful information to be able to participate in the Beta version of The Lost Throne. Join the world of TLT now to be able to earn attractive rewards!

TLT Official Links 

Website: thelostthrone.net 

Whitepaper: www.thelostthrone.net/whitepaper.pdf 

Discord: discord.com/invite/AFp6hkBWTy 

Twitter: twitter.com/The_Lost_Throne 

YouTube: bit.ly/3HQ7Q9w 

Medium: medium.com/@TheLostThrone 

Gitbook: lost-throne.gitbook.io/the-lost-throne 

Source ; cryptodaily.io

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