NFT Redefined: DeHorizon launches “DeMeta” NFT to build up interoperability

DeHorizon will launch the first Interoperable, Editable, and Evolvable NFT “DeMeta Pass ID” (DeMeta). The invention does help to propel the Metaverse ahead in terms of open, interconnected, connecting, and establishing user-generated networks.

The current NFT market and its pain points

The NFT method has grown in popularity as a means of unlocking the potential of one-of-a-kind crypto tokens. An NFT may uniquely combine the energies of a developer, content producer, and designer in a single non-fungible asset. As a result, the demand for non-fungible tokens continues to rise. However, there are still certain difficulties that need to be addressed in the NFT sector, including its lack of interoperability.

Every day, new blockchain services and marketplaces emerge, but their capacity to interact with one another is an unnoticed boomerang: the unpleasant reality is that cryptocurrencies rely on untrustworthy third-party apps and the participation of a limited empyrean of specialists to be accessed and managed. Not good if your core value is “let’s get rid of intermediaries.” Furthermore, the majority of NFTs are built on the Ethereum blockchain, indicating that decentralization fantasies are okay with being centralized on a system.

In response, DeHorizon introduces DeMeta NFT to address the NFT pain point of lack of compatibility.

The partnership with Pioneering NFT Interoperability Middleware, POD

DeHorizon is a Metaverse game environment fueled by the community that will be managed by DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). DeHorizon Metaverse’s long-term aim is to give gamers with an immersive experience built on a revolutionary business environment, bringing the phrase “Play for fun and to earn” to reality. Now, they are working on the first MMO/RPG game DeVerse on DeHorizon Metaverse.

DeHorizon has announced a collaboration with POD, a pioneering NFT (non-fungible token) Interoperability Middleware, to jointly develop the first-ever Interoperable, Editable, and Evolvable ERC-721 NFT “DeMeta Pass ID” (DeMeta).

DeHorizon and POD are ardent believers in the need for the next generation of NFT to be interoperable, editable, and evolvable. It is a generally accepted fact that the Metaverse represents a quantum leap ahead in terms of open, connectivity, connection, and constructing user-generated networks. DeMeta’s invention will aid DeHorizon Metaverse’s progress toward connectivity and connection.

Introduction to the first Interoperable, Editable, and Evolvable NFT “DeMeta Pass ID”

Cosmology-based DeMeta is the creation of DeHorizon. It is both the arche to Metaverse and everyone’s starting point in Metaverse. It is the first Interoperable, Editable, and Evolvable ERC-721 NFT, consisting of 6 changeable traits and a character profile kept on-chain inside 256 bytes that players may edit.

DeMeta’s changeable attributes are all NFTs.

Six changeable attributes are created at random, consisting of three character figures and three gears.

Much more interchangeable qualities will be gained  in the future game DeVerse and rotated in your DeMeta.

In the future, all of the replaceable NFTs can be exchanged separately.

GAS can be used by players to reset their character profiles. All prior owners and profiles will be preserved on-chain for future reference.

Pain points about the current NFT market: Why we need these change: Interoperable, Editable, and Evolvable

DeHorizon has witnessed several remarkable developments since the rise of Metaverse, like the crypto asset NFT, the virtual concert in Fortnite, and even the first virtual wedding in Metaverse. With the emergence of more and more Metaverse NFT initiatives, one issue remains unresolved: the lack of a mainstream NFT interoperability standard.

The existing market for NFTs reflects asset digitization. Because NFT owners are recorded on the blockchain, and NFT may be exchanged as a stand-in for the digital asset it represents. However, the technical look of NFT is coarse-grained, separated from one another, and cannot provide a real network effect.

Characters, definition, categorization, and connection are the foundations of civilization. Creating a new Metaverse means that everything is chaotic in the beginning. A new culture and order must be cultivated. POD, as a forerunner in NFT Interoperability Middleware, helps to the development of consensus interoperability for future Metaverse, allowing relatively isolated NFT to link in Metaverse.

The Metaverse is a digital virtual environment in which “value transfer” is required. The function of Metaverse members will be demonstrated initially through ownership of on-chain assets and virtual identity. If the significant invention of NFT is an indication that Metaverse has progressively entered the mainstream, the initial release of the NFT interoperability standard is a landmark in the opening of Metaverse’s interconnectivity. 

The value of ‘DeMeta’ – The next-gen NFT

In the blockchain sector, the big wave of DeFi autonomously boomed in 2020. As a foreshadowing of the 2020 bull market, DeFi contributes to the cryptocurrency market worth surpassing $2 trillion for the first time. The blockchain gaming market was worth more than $495 million in 2020 and is anticipated to be worth more than $646 million in 2021. 

Data from:

Blockchain games will cause a new wave of market size craziness, and it is likely to be a major trigger in the bull market’s second half. The “Play to Earn” game logic, on the other hand, is simplistic and lacks playability.

Then there’s the DeMeta. In contrast to the existing static NFTs that can never be altered, Interoperable, Editable, and Evolvable DeMeta is really the next generation of NFT, allowing each participant to create their own NFTs as well restructure multiple NFTs to mint a new NFT. Players may begin on the adventure in DeHorizon Metaverse since they can personalize their NFTs.

Furthermore, American rapper Tyga joins DeHorizon Metaverse as a pioneering experience officer, demonstrating DeMeta’s unlimited appeal.

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