As the little social media war between Logan Paul and his acolyte Coffeezilla escalates, the ZooEcosystem finds itself caught in the middle despite itself. We are witnessing this ongoing race to capture views without being able to counter the inevitable FUD that $ZOO is attracting by misconstrued association.

Indeed, these two behemoths of the crypto world are engaged in a defamatory media campaign without any consideration for the collateral damage this creates for other legitimate projects such as ourselves. We have reached out to both parties and have not received any answers (of course).

However, instead of actively participating in this shitshow we will demonstrate that there is only one ZOO in existence, and it is ours. In fact, since the release of Coffeezilla’s video we have continued to build our gaming protocol ZooGames, steady grinding through thick and thin, as we always do.

We are not going to stubbornly pursue these two individuals whose only goal seems to be mutual destruction while threatening legal action against each other. That could be detrimental to our ecosystem.

We were the first to release a real project with the ZOO ticker.

Simple as that.

We are here to stay and nothing will stop us!

Here is a quick recap of what we have built over the last two years:

1) Zookeeper Finance

2) ZooGenes NFTs

3) Openzoo NFT Marketplace

4) Zoo.one — Ecosystem Concept

5) Zoo.games Gaming Protocol

6) Crosschain NFTsAvax launchvZOOIncentivesZooGames API

7) ZooRacers Beta

Source : blog.zoo.one

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