$GAT Utility Token just added the continuous Smart Contract MEGA Lottery game!

$GAT Smart Contract Lottery

$GAT has just launched their fully automated, transparent and safe Lottery!ADVERTISEMENT

$GAT Lottery Runs every 4 hours with a MEGA lottery which runs 1 time every week.

Each $GAT lottery ticket you buy is automatically registered in the MEGA lottery so the more you participate the bigger chances are of getting the BIG SCORE!

$GAT Lottery Contract Address: 0x9d9959ebF5703De9F36abA8B3e0F155db38C3579

What is $GAT Utility Token?

Green Arrow Token is a BEP-20 currency that automatically pays its investors with an 11% reflection of BNB every hour. This project is a long term Hodl.

$GAT will increase in value as all products under $GAT Verse can only be used by holding $GAT. The lottery game is the first in a lineup of many products for token holders and creators to be used!

All products in $GAT Verse are interlinked in such a way that they all work together to boost the value of $GAT in the long run.

$GAT Verse

The future seems bright for $GAT Verse, as the company is preparing a lineup of products which will only be available for $GAT holders: 

A user friendly Dashboard for beginners

$GAT Lottery System with a weekly Mega Lottery draw

Green Arrow Booster App which will be integrated in the dashboard

Fiat Integration

Anti-Rug Launchpad

Gaming Rewards Platform

And much more!

The core of $GAT Verse is the $GAT Booster App: a mobile-based platform that links your token to a whole new universe of marketing opportunities, ranging from community upvotes to visibility advertisements to SEO optimization for your websites and content production.

Watch this video to understand the functionalities of the app: www.youtube.com/watch?v=kExJwToH8Bw


Token Feature

  • The token is designed with a 15% anti-whale tax. 
  • 11% distributed in BNB
    • 11% of every buy/sell is redistributed to all $GAT holders every hour.
    • Hold a minimum of 10,000 tokens to benefit from reflection. 
  • 4% Auto Liquidity for PancakeSwap
    • 4% of each transaction goes to liquidity for PancakeSwap.
    • It’s automatic and helps create a stable price floor.
  • Anti-Dump Lock and Sell Fee
    • Max selling volume is restricted to 0.1% of the total supply.
    • Additional 3% selling fee is applied to all sales. 
  • Rug Proof and Secure
    • They have locked 100% of the liquidity in DxSale for 3 years.
    • Full contract audit will be updated soon. 


Phase 1 – Formation


  • Smart Contract Creation (Done)
  • Website Launch (Done)
  • Coingecko and CMC Applied (Done)
  • Techrate Audit Applied (Done)
  • Pre-sale on DXsale (Done)
  • PCS V2 Listing (Done)
  • Whitepaper Release (Done)

Phase 2 – Growth


Website Overhaul (Done)

Techrate Audit Complete (Done)

Team scaling (Development + Marketing) 

$GAT Smart Contract Lottery Game (Done)

Booster APP V1 Listing functionalities

Booster APP V2 Listing + Ranking Algorithm functionalities

Marketing Phase 2

Booster APP Beta Launch

Green Arrow Token Merch

Phase 3 – Completion

Nov-Feb 2022:

Booster APP update: campaign creation + monetization

Booster APP complete UX overhaul

AAA Marketing campaign launch

Booster APP additional marketing services integration

Booster APP official launch

Major listing platforms (partners revealed soon!)

Celebrity endorsements

Phase 4 – Future Plans

$GAT Game Development department (integration of $GAT in

Tradable Card game)

Expansion of Green Arrow ecosystem: Anti-Rug

Launchpad, FIAT Integration, Gaming Rewards Platform.

Product partnership and more.

Why Hold $GAT

Green Arrow Token aims to build an ecosystem of tokens and platforms that will greatly facilitate holders to earn profit and marketing new and existing tokens. Holding $GAT is one of many options to get passive income. As their Ecosystem develops, the value of $GAT rises. Your investment from the beginning will gradually grow strongly. 

Moreover, the project is considered as safe option thanks to:

Devs have locked 100% liquidity in Pancakeswap for 1 year

Auto – BNB Redistribution tested and working. Just sit back and earn BNB!

Techrate Audit is already complete github.com/TechRate/Smart-Contract-Audits/blob/main/GreenArrowToken.pdf

No false promises of projects that will never happen. They even have some surprises in line!

Anti-Whale, Anti-Rug

Big Marketing Budget Reserved for keeping the hype going

Future plans 

$GAT intends to extend its $GAT Verse ecosystem by adding into the dashboard an Anti-Rug Launchpad, FIAT Integration, and a Gaming Rewards Platform. One of the potential future initiatives is the $GAT Tradable Card Game.

Most importantly! $GAT is introducing its products to serve Cross Chain (such as Cardano, Solana, Polkadot, and others) to raise awareness, improve project participation, and have a significant influence on passive income for all our investors.

Get in while we are still early!

Source : bscdaily

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