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Coinwire Admin: Welcome back BSCDaily fam to another AMAZYing AMA with AMAZY! I’m Daley, your host, and together with me is Mr. Stan – CPO at AMAZY. Welcome Stan! How’s everything?

Stan: Hello everyone! I am glad to be with you today! My name is Stanislav Zhupin. I am the CPO at AMAZY.

Coinwire Admin: It’s a pleasure! I’ve taken a look at AMAZY and the things that you’re doing currently. I must say, I was really impressed with the work. And I’m more than happy to share that with the community today with you! So, whenever you’re ready, we can start 

Stan: Please have a look at out trailer:

Thank you. Fully ready!

Coinwire Admin: Perfect!! And also, if you wish to share photos, promotional clips of AMAZY here, feel free to! Alrighty BSCDaily! Let’s start today’s AMA session with our first segment: Q&A with the host. We have prepared a few questions for AMAZY, here’s the first one to begin with:

Q1: Can you briefly describe what AMAZY is? How did the idea of AMAZY come to reality? We would like to know more about it and how it works

Stan: AMAZY is a way of living, the concept of a healthy lifestyle and the study of modern technologies. No doubt, AMAZY means to be in trend, earn money + go in for sports = Move&Earn. You all know that there are fitness trackers (bracelets,  watches), so AMAZY is also this kind of tracker. AMAZY has over 350 stars on board + many of them are world celebrities (a vivid example of Brody Jenner: 2 million Twitter followers). After the NFT collection, there will be infrastructure projects made (detailed information will be announced later). And, eventually, Metaverse will be created.

AMAZY is a crypto fitness app with two main courses: to Move and to Earn. Equipping users with NFT sneakers, we unite the ideas of a healthy lifestyle and profiting simultaneously. The project focuses on becoming the ecosystem, called the AMAZY Realverse.

Coinwire Admin: Dang I believe the community is no stranger to the concept of Move and Earn. There are quite a number of M&E projects out there, but I think AMAZY has done a splendid job in partnering with celebrities, influencers.

Q2: What technology do you own or use that makes AMAZY more unique than others? Is your project more innovative and useful than other competing platforms?

Stan: In AMAZY, we use the BNB Chain for most interactions. This makes it possible to make all interactions with applications honest. We have already built one of the best communities in move-and-earn. No competitor has such a large media coverage. We have taken into account all errors of other projects and can say that every user is protected from intruders.

Coinwire Admin: True. So AMAZY learned from other’s projects and improved their security. Great to know!

Stan: Yes, absolutely

Q3: What are your upcoming plans to expand globally and attract more users?

Coinwire Admin: That’s a barrier that most move to earn projects can’t pass

Stan: As I already said we have partnerships with over 350 influencers around the world. You can have a look at some of them listed on We also talk about them on our telegram channel At the moment, we already have a partnership with Seedify and DAO Maker, the sales went very well. Including, we have already announced listings on OKX and ByBit on July 22 at 12:00 UTC.

Coinwire Admin: So about the security part that you said

Q4: Please share about the security on your platform. How do you keep your platform safe for users?

Stan: We have a policy of completely decentralizing all user assets. Any NFT is the property of the user and is in the blockchain. Each participant can always check in the browser how much NFT is created at any time. We use many years of application development experience to maximize security of users against possible hacker attacks. This was made possible by Azur Games, which is one of the top 3 applications downloads in the world.

Any NFT is the property of the user and is in the blockchain.

Coinwire Admin: Right, but let’s get into 1 specific issue for Move To Earn project here:

Q5: Today, the number of people cheating on MoveToEarn applications is quite high. Most people move at certain speeds with their various motor vehicles and earn money. Do you, as AMAZY, work to prevent these cheaters? How will you make people avoid cheating?

Stan: AMAZY will use an anti-cheat system. We give detailed information about the operation of the anti-cheat system in our Whitepaper.

Coinwire Admin: I see, using GPS, Motion sensor and health data and AMAZY’s Anti-Cheating System (AMAC) Artificial Intelligence. Do more research on these fam!! Next question:

Q6: Encouraging people to stay active is a great objective but that also means most of the people you’re targeting are not on blockchain yet. How do you tackle this?

Stan: We have influencers that spread news about AMAZY to their followers. And the total sum of them is already 650K+! That is a really huge audience to share news and updates with  Especially for crypto newbies, we will launch the AMAZY Academy. It is created to teach every step in crypto and Web 3.0 world.

Coinwire Admin: Oh nice, that leads me to another question here

Q7: After Play-to-Earn succeeded in enlivening the blockchain world, Move-to-Earn appeared which is also being discussed by many people. I wonder what makes AMAZY different from its “Move-to-Earn” concept?

Coinwire Admin: The AMAZY Academy is really cool

Stan: AMAZY is a whole ecosystem with a large number of applications in the future, not only M2E, and the token will unite all these projects. 

This already suggests that if the user is tired of walking / running or upgrading his sneakers, then he can switch to another direction within the AMAZY project and use his tokens there.

Coinwire Admin: wow. AMAZY is really ambitious with these different applications and utilities. I can see one direction with the academy already, posting educational content and earning. Alright, let’s talk about your plans then!

Q8: Could you please provide some progress on your roadmap and what results AMAZY has achieved so far? And any sneak peek into 2023 plans for AMAZY?

Stan: We are supported by top Launchpad’s Seedify and DAO Maker. Including, we have already announced listings on OKX and ByBit.

The AMAZY app is already in the final stage of beta testing. Today we will add 7,000 more users. The public launch will be in July.

Coinwire Admin: Exciting times  About your wonderful partnerships with celebs, influencers, platforms,…

Q9: What are the benefits you get from those relationships? Please mention the “Azur Games” too

Stan: Great audience of followers, plus, we will have special co-ops with celebs. The details will be certainly announced later on. AMAZY is co-founded by Artem Nikolaev and Sergey Kosenko. Artem has a great expertise in mobile dev and publishing, he is also the co-founder of Azur Games, the world’s number 3 company in the industry. Sergey has a proven experience in community marketing, bringing a huge amount of influencers and celebs to partner with us.

Coinwire Admin: Looking forward to the mobile app So, for our final questions for AMAZY:

Q10: How can users stay updated with this project? Are there channels, including local communities where users can get the latest updates?

Stan: We have many partners and communities all around the world. Here are AMAZY international Telegram chats:


Russia –

Turkey –

Philippines –

Indonesia –

Vietnam –

Japan –

Republic of Korea –

China –

Thailand –

Saudi Arabia –

Iran –

India –

Dari –

Israel –

And yet more AMAZY’s socials:

Coinwire Admin: Remember to pay them a visit guys!

Coinwire Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with AMAZY

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Stan: Dear audience, thank you for being with us today! It was a pleasure to answer your questions!

Thank you all, and be very AMAZYing!

Coinwire Admin: Thank you very much Stan for coming on and talking about a next level Move and/to Earn project: AMAZY! It has been a real pleasure knowing more about you guys, best of luck Stan! Take care now 

Stan: Thank you!

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