DogePunk Unable To Give the 10% Rewards To People After the Minting of 10,000 NFTs has completed

We are here to make an announcement about and clear the chaos around it. After a lot of thought, we have finally decided to let people know about NFTs and rewards. We have been receiving complaints from hundreds of people about this issue, so we thought it was time to disclose what is happening around here so that people know where their investment was going and what was the output; as they had promised earlier about splitting 10% reward to all Dogepunk holders after the minting was completed and why Doge has failed to do so.

The founders of Dogepunk had a clear knowledge of what was going to happen to the rewards after the minting process was completed, but instead of informing the public on what happened, they decided to tell people lies in order to sell more Doge Punks.

Doge-punks has always been sold as the ongoing incentive-based NFT. The founders of Doge Punk have always informed people from the very first day that 10% of the total purchase would always automatically split off among other investors who bought the doge-punk NFT’s as well. This concept was a great idea and would allow people to keep earning ongoing rewards forever as trading of the asset would continue in the future on third party marketplaces.

Dogepunk had promised earlier that the 10% rewards pool would be an ongoing process even after the 10,000 Doge Punks NFT’s would have been fully minted. About 7 days ago (the 24th of October) they announced for the first time in their community voice call that after the minting phase would be completed that any purchase of a doge-punk via a third party marketplace would be in charge of what they are going to charge and whether or not a percentage would go back to Doge Punks NFT holders. Jaimy de Vries was one of the members that were around during these voice calls and immediately noticed that that the new message that the founders from Doge Punks (Known as @Mi9gy and @cryptiklogix) was incorrect and tried to politely debate them on the subject during this call.

The entire subject was ignored and since then the co-founders of Doge Punks tried to push out the SafeSwap community, banned the founders of SafeSwap (who were able to introduce most partners to the Doge Punks project, to begin with). Jaimy de Vries had since then tried to talk to the founders of Doge Punks to convince them otherwise and avoid themselves from the mess they were about to unleash. At that point, the co-founders of Doge Punks had decided to push Jaimy de Vries away from the topic ( who was both a partner that brought in many of the partnerships for Doge Punks together with Gavon Smit) But also the number 1 doge punks investor until date.

When it became very clear that the co-founders of Doge Punks had no intention to honour their words and fundamental reasons on why it was so important that their system stuck to the original unique selling points, Jaimy de Vries had decided to make a public announcement towards the SafeSwap community in regards of what was going on and explained the full situation (after all, most of the partnerships and holders of Doge-Punks came directly through SafeSwap one way or another).

It was the great enthusiastic voice calls between the founders of SafeSwap and Doge Punks, The content that was released previously (as well as here on about the future of Doge Punks, its partnership with SafeSwap and upcoming features such as stake your doge punks on SafeSwap and double dip your incentive.

SafeSwap Online Partnered With Doge Punk (in the end the total supply was reduced from 420,000 DP NFT’s to 10,000 DP NFT’s ).

The company behind SafeSwap had already invested thousands of dollars in a new mechanism for NFT Based Staking and had put in a lot of additional budgets to support the Doge Punk infrastructure and distribute it widely (knowing that a solid partnership was on the rise).

After the announcement was made public by SafeSwap a wave of people started asking questions to the Doge Punk Founders in the Doge Punks Telegram Community about the situation and what had happened or why the situation between SafeSwap and Doge Punks had escalated.

At this point the co-founders of Doge Punks who knew/know very clearly that their product is doing nothing that they had advertised it would do have been trying to steer the direction and claim that all this is nothing more than FUD by the founder of SafeSwap. Since then a lot of drama went by and in the end, The founders of Doge Punk asked whether or not the certified developer of SafeSwap and AUDIT.SC could contribute by checking out the situation. A free audit was already proposed and in progress but in the end, also was decided to see if the developer of the Doge Punk Series could receive some assistance and guidance on how to solve things.

Unfortunately, the developer of Doge Punks was quite prideful over this subject and only mentioned how the smart contract was currently already functioning (rather than talking about the changes that were needed to fit the unique selling points of Mi9gy and CryptikLogix. In the end, they asked the certified developer by SafeSwap & AUDIT SC to provide a Patch (as in new code that includes the fix). They were never open-minded to solve the problem or to revise the smart contract and things escalated even further from thereon.

We don’t blame each member of Dogepunk for this inappropriate behaviour because Not all DogePunk members are equally responsible. One of their founders, Mi9gy, is a good person, but sadly, he faces a lot of pressure from people around him trying to give wrong advice and misleading the team. He was in touch with Jaimy de Vries and attempted to solve this problem, but his team has been putting a lot of pressure on him.

 They said that Dogepunk holders would vote for the Dogepunk that is their favourite to be minted and sold at auction. To make minting easier, they built-in a function called as Batch mint function; this function allowed people to mint multiple doge-punks simultaneously and would always reward every single holder whether it was during the minting phase or any trade on NFT marketplaces that would list the Doge Punk NFT’s.

Dogepunk was merely not for speculative investment. The founders of Doge Punks made everyone believe that it was their goal to create the best NFT product with ongoing royalties at 10% being sent back to all holders and this will simply not happen. For most people, it is a true dilemma about how their approach has suddenly changed. Their collaboration with SafeSwap Online was meant to strengthen ground for both platforms and take NFT ownership to another level. But due to their changing attitudes and behaviour, it is really unlikely that there will be a positive outcome in this story.

SafeSwap Online is disturbed that Dogepunk could not fulfil its promise to people and is not willing to get back to people with a good solution. Till now, Dogepunk has not cooperated with us. Only a few founders such as Mi9gy have contacted and tried to end the confusion here, but there was still no good response from his team, so SafeSwap™ & Audit.SC is trying to find a good solution. We would not say that this is a scam because using those words will put this in a wrong perspective but the truth has been tweaked a dozen times now and the incident of Dogepunks will not likely change.

Official Statement by Doge Punks on how they CLAIMED to have solved it:

DogePunks NFT Contract Update Communication

Dear DogePunks NFT Community,

Thank you for your patience with us as we navigated recent questions regarding marketplace fees and their allocation to the DogePunks NFT rewards pool.

Our team consulted with an external dev team (the Defi Sepculate group) and we updated our contract to route to the DogePunks NFT contract ID vs a deployer wallet:

When DogePunks NFTs are listed on external marketplaces, the marketplace will process the transaction based on the above contract details.

All current marketplaces that list DogePunks NFTs are ERC-721 compliant. ERC-721 is a standard of regulatory code that all major NFT marketplaces abide by.

The ERC-721 (Ethereum Request for Comments 721), proposed by William Entriken, Dieter Shirley, Jacob Evans, Nastassia Sachs in January 2018, is a Non-Fungible Token Standard that implements an API for tokens within Smart Contracts.

Currently, DogePunks NFTs are listed with ( and ( (both of which are ERC-721 compliant) and will process sales transactions by routing funds to our contract address, which will then be deposited into the rewards pool.

A “hypothetical” 0% marketplace does not exist and would not be compliant with ERC-721 standards. If such a marketplace was created, it would be in violation of ERC-721 regulations, and no NFT project would list with a marketplace in violation of these standards.

Thank you for your patience with us as we navigated these questions regarding secondary marketplace transactions.

BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS THIS: DogePunks NFT secondary marketplace sales have always been routed back to the contract and will continue to do so

Miggy, Cryptik, Bushey, and the rest of the DogePunks NFT team.

Why SafeSwap and Audit SC believe this information is incorrect:

  • Their local API was something that we had already determined and thats not even a fix our certified developer also concluded that. So this is not a solution, nor changing their smart contract that API is just some centralized parameters the entire explanation is again a way to mislead people in my opinion.
  • A “hypothetical” 0% marketplace does not exist and would not be compliant with ERC-721 standards. If such a marketplace was created, it would be in violation of ERC-721 regulations, and no NFT project would list with a marketplace in violation of these standards. – This information is completely incorrect and not related to the subject.
  • All current marketplaces that list DogePunks NFTs are ERC-721 compliant. ERC-721 is a standard of regulatory code that all major NFT market places abide by. The ERC-721 (Ethereum Request for Comments 721) – This statement is false on many different levels
  • Below you will find a transaction example that occured on 31-10-2021. This transaction will imediately show that the statement by DOGE PUNKS Above is claiming false information Again and trying to get away with things.

Proof of the fact that Doge Punk marketplace trades do not send back 10% to the rewards pool of Doge Punk Holders:

Statement by Gavon Smit co founder of

I just tested some things on the nft marketplace that has doge punk listed. Someone had send in a bit of 0.7 BNB for my APE and I accepted it. Now logically speaking 10% or 12% should have gone back to the reward pool but ironically enough I received .7 BNB in my wallet. So if the statement that you guys made earlier was really correct how come that off this 375$ transaction there was no split off of circa 40$ back to the reward pool?

Our certified developer already informed you guys that your statement was incorrect but this blockchain transaction proofs it even more! ps: Jaimy was right from the beginning and until date seems to be right if you ask me!

Final statement by Doge Punk Founder to the Certified Solidity Developer of AUDIT-SC

Doge Punks Staking Pools on SafeSwap

Even though SafeSwap and Doge Punks had already announced that there would be upcoming staking pools in the near future. Things are currently not clear on whether or not this will still be the case is currently still a mystery.

Nevertheless a funny little minigame has brought to live from this:

Feel free to play SwappyDoge at

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