ZEXSWAP The Next-Gen Swap Platform with better APR & NFT Staking

Swap platforms are becoming extremely popular. More projects are exploring the possibilities of building high quality platforms that are secured, decentralized and efficient. There is a fast growing demand for liquidity pools and decentralized maintained smart contracts that create a fair mechanism allowing new cryptocurrency assets to build a save and fair local economy.

If you thought you had seen it all among the swap finance platforms since Uniswap & Pancake Swap then you might be wrong. Since the open source community has been the biggest growing community of the decade more projects now are able to expand their vision on top of the solid underground that currently dominating platforms have introduced.

Newcomer in the Swap Industry planning to go strong

One of the new upcoming swap platforms is ZEXSWAP. ZEXSWAP aims to provide better rates and profits to traders and stakers. ZEXSWAP is currently offering an more attractive APR then all the dominating platforms are currently offering. ZEXSWAP is the true underdog that is arising underneath the shadows of Uniswap and Pancakswap and will participate among the top players in the finance swapping industry.

ZEXSWAP is looking at some brand new features that are unseen under the swap masters. ZEXSWAP aims to introduce their NFT Marketplace within a short period of time allowing holders to stake and breed NFT’s at the same time. NFT’s have become extremely precious and wanted since the revolution of the gaming industry. Now NFT’s play a major role in the expansion of the future as we have written about recently.

We will keep an eye on ZEXSWAP and follow their roadmap on the heels.

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