Sandman Farm is a yield farming platform that could be next generation.

The trendiest concern of the 2020 DeFi summer was yield farming. In 2021, the total value trapped in liquidity pools is expected to hit new highs!

But, what is yield farming, and where can you do it? Let’s find out!

Yield farming is a method of generating extra cryptocurrency with your existing cryptocurrency. It entails you lending your currency to others through smart contracts, which are computer programs. You receive payments in the form of cryptocurrency in exchange for your services. Isn’t it simple enough? Well, not so fast!

Farmers that want to increase their yield will employ more intricate tactics. To maximize their gains, they constantly shift their cryptos between multiple lending marketplaces.

They’ll also keep the top yield farming practices a closely guarded secret. Why? The more people who are aware of a technique, the less effective it is likely to be. Yield farming is the wild west of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), with farmers competing for the most significant crops to farm.

Today, Sandman Farm brings an excellent opportunity to invest your money.

Interested? Continue reading to learn more.

Introducing Sandman

If you’re searching for a safe and reliable yield farm in the Polygon Network with high APYs and a devoted Dream Guardian Team dedicated to growth, then is the place to go.

Although the field is still relatively new, much is anticipated from DeFi projects. You can check their platform and further details directly at Sandman.

Farming Starting On Friday

They’re starting Farming on Friday!

Yield farming is a method for crypto investors to profit from their investments. It is a method of earning interest from trading fees by depositing cryptocurrency units into a lending mechanism. The protocol’s governance token also rewards some users with additional payouts.

So make sure to check things out and considering farming in Sandman!

Want to know why? It’s because a yield farming participant wins token incentives as additional income, this is known as liquidity mining, and it has gained so much popularity now. 

Dream Kingdoms

Sandman has dreamy rewards for you. Let’s find out! The contract with MorpheusToken is invoiced under the presale deal with PolyWantsACracker.

A total of 30,000 presale tokens have been pre-minted and were available for $5 each, payable in USDC. The period of presale was for a total of 179,800 blocks but ended in less than 30 seconds.

  • For layer 1, put your $MORPHEUS in the Dream Kingdom.
  • Other tokens can be used to reward that Dream kingdom.

The agreement enables holders of Morpheus to swap their tokens with the Sandman tokens with a ratio of 1:1. The tokens of Morpheus are burned. However, the proprietor might also burn surplus Sandman tokens. Sandman tokens must be sent to this swap contract for the trades to take place.

Sandman’s reward platform, the Dream Kingdom for Morpheus is almost finishing. Dream Kingdom is a feature that acts as a collaborative project incubator.

You must be wondering, how can you get Token rewards? You can earn rewards by holding Swap tokens. We convert swap tokens into Utility tokens!


Vaults are farms with a higher level of sophistication, where they do auto compounding without requiring investor interaction. Essentially, it harvests your rewards, sells half of them, re-stakes the LP, and provides liquidity. It’s all done “Auto-magically” for you. You won’t have to worry about whether or not you’re optimizing your revenue this way.

Your yield is compounded every 5 minutes. For you, we take care of the harvesting and optimization. This ensures that you get the highest possible yields without having to perform any work yourself.

This is a fantastic vaulting technique. Our vaults will employ a variety of tactics. It will be announced as soon as possible. Sandman’s collaborating with the top partners on this.

Multiple Layers

Following on from the comic dream voyage, we provide Sandman Layers – a place where you can raise the value of your Sandman Token. All layers will have an unlimited supply.

As per the comic book, layers will take the form of Sandman’s siblings:

  • Chapter 1: Death – Death and Venice
  • Chapter 2: Desire – What I’ve Tasted of Desire
  • Chapter 3: Dream – The Heart of a Star
  • Chapter 4: Despair – Fifteen Portraits of Despair
  • Chapter 5: Delirium – Going Inside (Delirium will be the first layer released)
  • Chapter 6: Destruction – On the Peninsula
  • Chapter 7: Destiny – Endless Nights

Long Term Vision Of The Project

SANDMAN is the first long-term hybrid yield farming system!
“Sandman farm now is on Polygon. But will go to BSC on Volumen 2” After 7 Layers.

Sandman Farm launched the first stealth presale, selling all-in presale tokens in under 30 seconds. They are thankful that the community has taken them on their long-term project’s route in this first phase. You can join them soon as well!

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Sandman Farm Tutorial Section

Add Polygon Network in your Metamask on Sandman Farm

Add Liquidity and Stake LP tokens to earn Sandman on Sandman Farm

Stake your PRESALE TOKEN Morpheus on Dream Kingdom and Earn $DAI

Purchase MORPHEUS with USDC using the MORPHEUS PRESALE CONTRACT on Sandman Farm

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